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Using Ceramic Tile For Universal Design

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There’s a new focus on finding your perfect home and staying in place. As we age, nesting takes on an entirely different meaning. We no longer plan a home around growing a family. Instead, we want to create a home where we can live indefinitely, throughout all the trials and tribulations of getting older. Universal...

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Why Vinyl Tile May Be Better Than Ceramic Tile

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There are certain environments throughout your home where moisture and spills are more likely to occur. Like your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. It would never make sense to install carpet; can you imagine water seeping into the fibers and padding if your washing machine overflows? Now imagine cleanup if the flooring was water-resistant. It...

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8 Reasons To Use Ceramic Tile In Your Kitchen Remodel

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What’s the most used, most remodeled room in a home? According to the National Association of Home Builders (HAHB), it’s the kitchen. NAHB data shows that 81 percent of remodelers requested work be performed on their kitchen, with the bathroom running in close second place. Is a kitchen remodel in your future? Where do you...

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