Posted by          Flooring, Vinyl Floors    May 31, 2018

Why do we love luxury vinyl? Because of its endless possibilities. Thanks to technology, it’s more durable than ever. And it’s looks? It can be just as beautiful as any other flooring choice out there, including ceramic tile, plank wood, or laminate flooring. 

Vinyl has two things other flooring choices don’t: it’s flexibility and its softness. It can be installed just about anywhere and provide you with a luxurious feel underneath. 

Vinyl Works In Every Room In The Home

Vinyl isn’t just for bathrooms and mudrooms anymore. Why Now Is The Time To Take A Second Look At Vinyl

Luxury vinyl comes in tiles, planks, and sheets. Depending on your final selection, it can create any look and feel you desire, even giving you a highly functional flooring system that appears more realistic. Love the look of hardwood? Luxury vinyl planks can give you the same look and feel, yet be softer to the touch. That’s a big plus in homes with small children or elderly. 

Vinyl Is Perfect For Commercial

Because luxury vinyl has grown in sophistication, it also makes a good choice for commercial locations. We’ve installed vinyl in corporate offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and even in sports facilities with great results. 

Why? Because luxury vinyl gives you unparalleled design possibilities. You can find luxury vinyl in tile, plank, or sheet format. This allows you to customize your final look any way you choose. And because vinyl is one of the most durable and easy-to-maintain flooring choices, you’ll love it no matter where you install it. 

Vinyl Has Something For Everyone

Why do so many families and budget-minded people love vinyl? Because it’s the perfect flooring solution for many different applications. It’s the perfect choice for homes with families and pets. It’s perfect for people that want a luxury feel yet stick to a budget. It’s perfect for commercial environments that want an easy to clean and easy to maintain floor. It’s perfect for anyone looking to create a unique look. 

We love vinyl, and we’re sure you will too. Stop by today and see today’s selection of luxury vinyl.