Posted by          Flooring    June 3, 2018

Have you ever tried to creep up the stairs, only to hear a squeak loud enough to wake up the entire home? 

Your flooring might not truly be that loud, but in a quiet home, every noise it makes can have you cringing. If you’re looking for noise reduction, it’s time to take another look at carpet. 

Wool carpet has some of the greatest noise reduction properties in the industry. Wool carpet is beautiful, durable, fire retardant, stain resistant, hypoallergenic … and offers some of the best noise reduction in the industry. 

Wool naturally captures air within its fiber, allowing it to absorb more sound deep within. Wool carpet can help eliminate walking sounds as well as up to 80 percent of other sound emission from other sources. That’s what makes a big difference, especially in homes with lots of action, working environments, even in multi-story buildings where sounds travel up and down between floors. 

The benefits of this noise reduction doesn’t stop there. Studies show that increased exposure to noise impacts your health in many ways. It can impact your sleep patterns. It can cause high blood pressure. It can impact your hearing over time. It can have cause negative psychological impact, increasing your stress levels. While complete soundproofing isn’t possible, using noise reduction techniques in certain situations can help you improve the circumstances. And wool carpets are an easy, beautiful way to accomplish that. 

Looking for noise-reduction but still love your hardwood floors? 

Then look for ways to decrease the noise levels by selecting wool rugs. 

Just like wool carpet, wool rugs offer the same durability, classic good looks, and noise reduction qualities. You can even customize your look to get the exact color, shape, and size you need. And because many wool carpet and rug selections are from sustainable sources, you’ll be proud to display it in your home, knowing you’re home is as green as possible. 

Would the noise-reduction qualities of wool rugs and carpet be a good choice for your home?