Posted by          Carpet    August 21, 2020

Maybe you run a large commercial space, with offices on several floors.

Maybe you run a medium sized medical facility, where cleanliness is everything.

Maybe you have a small business, and a fresh, clean appearance attracts people to your location.

Whatever type of facility you’re operating, you have a desire to match carpet to your facility’s needs.

And that’s important. But even in your own facility, you may have different needs throughout the building, on every single floor. How do you know what type of carpet to invest in?

Profiling your facility to determine what it needs

The first step in any project is to define your needs. And when it comes to selecting carpet, the more clearly you define specific requirements, the more you’ll be happy with your selection.

We have a few things for you to consider:

What type of facility do you operate? 

Different businesses require different needs. A medical building might have cleanliness as one of their top concerns. A large financial institution may make aesthetics a priority – they want to shine anytime a client comes to visit. Consider your priorities and decide what’s most important for you.

What activities take place inside? 

How To Match Carpet To Your Facility’s NeedsSome facilities depend on durability and maintenance-free functionality. Others are more concerned with how it looks to the general public. Heavy foot traffic will track in more dirt and debris. If you use a lot of liquids, or have a manufacturing process of any kind, it may be more important to focus on toughness.

Where will the carpet be laid into place? 

Carpet installed in entryways will require more maintenance than carpet in a conference room on the twentieth floor. Coordination may be a factor if you’re trying to tie every room together, but you should still pay attention to the daily living the carpet will be receiving.

How much of a life cycle do you expect? 

Do you change out the carpet frequently, or do you want the carpet to last? Some facilities rotate carpet regularly and have a budget for it each year. Others want to select wisely so their carpet choice will last for years.

What is tracked into the facility? 

Here in Colorado, ice and snow is a given? But if your tenants are from the construction industry, for example, will dirt and mud also show up regularly? It’s not only what the visitors will be wearing as they walk across the carpet, but also what exists on the bottom of their shoes as they move around.

Are you replacing or adding something new? 

If you’re moving from tile to carpet, for example, the subfloor could also need to be changed out. Or maybe the subfloor will have to be accessed from time to time – does maintenance need to get under the floor? That can make the difference between needing carpet tiles or bringing it in on a roll.

What type of furniture will be in the build out?

Different facilities house different levels of business. Will you place heavy office furniture and leave it set for years? Or will the furniture and supplies be under constant rotation, moving around your facility from time to time? Carpet squares may work well to prevent wear marks and replace small sections as you change out the space.

Finding the right carpet for your facility’s needs

People’s knowledge of carpet almost always stems from what they install in their homes. And residential carpet is entirely different from commercial-grade carpet. Yes, you’ll still have a wide variety of choices in style, fiber, pile, color, and patterns.

Just like residential choices, carpet in the workplace will give you personality. If you want a formal look for a bank or financial institution? There’s carpet for you. If your needs are solely based on maintenance and ease of use, there’s a carpet for you too.


There are so many different options when deciding which carpet to choose. You should consider:

Carpet construction – what it’s made of will ultimately determine how well it handles over its lifespan.

Color selection – you can go with natural to blend in, or dye it your corporate colors to stand out.

Style – carpet tiles make it easy to change out sections as needed. Of course, more traditional carpet can be laid into place and provide an elegant look and feel.

Performance – a high-quality carpet will give you years of service. In commercial carpet, it’s always better to focus on functionality and how it will handle under the stress your facility will give it.

Insulation and sound absorption – carpet is a natural noise reducer. How much depends on the carpet chosen and the backing or padding added underneath. It’s a great way to help reduce noise where you may need a quiet environment, such as a sound recording studio. Just pay attention to anti-static properties as well.

Cushion – standing on wood or tile all day can be hard on the feet and back. But with the right carpet, you can avoid workplace injuries and keep your tenants or salespeople doing their best.

Other considerations when matching carpet to facility needs

Depending on the goals of your business and what you’re trying to achieve with your facility, green building may be high up on your list. Green building is more than using materials that help the environment; they are designed so they won’t harm health too. Research now suggests that if people work in green environments, possibly LEED certified, they are more productive and healthier than working in buildings that aren’t.

There are many options available if this is something you’re striving for. The key is going into the purchase process with these goals in mind. Carpet tiles and more traditional carpet options are all available in green-friendly options. Ask from the beginning, and you’ll achieve the look and quality you want.

Impressions matter

When it’s time to choose new carpet for your facility, keep in mind that first impressions matter. The look you’re trying to achieve says it all from the moment anyone enters your facility.

If you skimp and downgrade your selection, you’ll pay in both looks and quality. By keeping aesthetics and overall design top of mind, you’ll install a carpet that is sure to please.