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Here in Colorado, basements aren’t just an afterthought. Most of us consider our basement to be crucial living space, especially now as more of us are staying at home.

Your basement may be the perfect place to:

  • Add another home office. With several of you working from home full time, the dining room table may be looking a little hectic. Why not divide up the space and give each family member a bit more breathing room?

  • Add school room. While attending school at home won’t last forever, there’s always a need to have high quality workspace for homework and other activities. The basement may be the perfect place to find that much-needed space.
  • Add hobby space. Basements provide flexibility, and that can be a good thing as you’re building out your space. It might be perfect for an office today, and easily converted to an arts and crafts room in a few months.
  • Add family space. Whether you’re looking for more space to have family game night, want to set up a pool table for weekend play, or just need a place for a table to put together a puzzle, you’ll find lots of room waiting for you in the basement of your home.

Yet basement space can be problematic when it comes time to decorate. As much as you love your hardwood on the main floor, hardwood won’t work below grade.

Increasingly, homeowners are looking at carpet tile as a viable solution. Why? Because they’re easy to install, affordable, rugged, and even simpler to replace.

Want a few advantages as to why we think carpet tiles may be the perfect solution for your needs? Read on.

Carpet tiles provide easy installation

Why Carpet Tiles May Be Perfect For Your BasementCarpet tiles are so easy to install, they top the list of DIY projects for homeowners. Because they are boxed in smaller sizes, they are easy to lift and carry anywhere you desire. It also makes it easy to store – pick up a couple extra boxes to have replacement tiles for when you spill. It’s a great way to add longevity to your flooring.

When you’re ready to install, it’s as simple as peel-and-stick technology. If you make a mistake, you don’t have to worry about pulling up the entire flooring, just reposition the one tile you’re working with. You can even get carpet tiles in different sizes. That makes it easy to use no matter what size room you’re adding your flooring to. Because you buy only what you need, it can save money in the amount of carpet you purchase. Plus, there’s less waste as you are able to fit the carpet directly to your space, no matter what size room you have.

Carpet tiles are easy to maintain

Whether you select broadloom or modular carpet tiles, they both have similar cleaning requirements. Be prepared to vacuum them regularly to keep dust and other debris away from the fibers, followed by a deep cleaning periodically throughout its lifetime.

Yet carpet tiles offer something broadloom will never have: easy spot cleaning.

Have you ever spilled red wine on a beige carpet? Nothing can bring fear to a homeowner’s heart more than that. With a spill like this, homeowners instantly jump into action. But with carpet tiles, it’s not as big of a deal. If you can’t remove the stain, just replace the tile. You can do that no matter what damage is sustained by the tile. You won’t notice the difference like you would with broadloom because the flooring is already laid into place based on the squares. It’s perfect for active living spaces.

Carpet tiles are extremely durable

These aren’t the cheap, commercial-grade carpet tiles you might remember from your youth. Today’s carpet tiles are built with homes in mind. You’ll find carpet tile in all sorts of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and plushness.

Focus on the backing of the carpet tiles as much as you do the front. Some carpet tiles have added cushion, which can help absorb the impact of foot traffic as well as give you added protection of the carpet fibers from daily wear and tear. This means your carpet will last longer without the appearance of degradation.

Avoid hardback carpet tiles when looking for a basement flooring product. Your basement should be plush, comfy, and cozy. Remember, you can replace tiles individually, so investing in something that will add warmth and comfort will ensure you’re happy with the results for years to come.

Carpet tiles offer some water resistance

Carpet tiles are designed with a tight weave and strong backing. They’re made for high traffic areas, which means they’re created with durability in mind. While they aren’t completely waterproof, they do offer water resistance. They’re great for areas prone to moisture where they can withstand stains and spills.

Because basements are notoriously damp and cool, carpet adds a warmth that you could never achieve with tile or vinyl. That makes them perfect for places you’ll cozy up with the family, such as a home theater or game room. And if the unthinkable happens and you do have a water mess to deal with, you won’t have to replace the entire floor. Just the tiles impacted by the spill, the rest will stay firmly in place.

Economical, good looking, and sensible too!

Carpet tiles offer design flexibility

Let your imagination run wild with carpet tiles. They offer some of the greatest design flexibility on the market today.

That’s because you aren’t limited to selecting one product as you would with standard broadloom carpet. You can mix and match carpet tiles to create a unique look built just for you. In fact, it makes it even better for wear and longevity – you won’t be worried about matching dye lofts and print as you replace carpet tiles in the future.

Take a look at home design sites for ideas. Google things like “carpet tile designs” to come up with ideas. Then pin your favorites to your Pinterest board to help you when it comes time to stick your carpet tiles into place.

And when you need help, we’re here for you too. We can offer you ideas as well. Stop by our showroom and share your goals. We’ll give you a variety of options to choose from, and tools to help your selection process be even easier.

Our goal is to help you find the right carpet tiles for your basement project.

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