Posted by          Flooring    October 25, 2020

This is the year millions of us will change the way we work forever.

Instead of driving into the office, spending hours a day commuting, many of us have shortened that drive time considerably. It’s now a matter of walking from room to room.

And while that might give you more hours in the day, it can also lead you to look at your house in an entirely new way. While your three or four bedroom home may have had ample space before, suddenly, you’re fighting for territory as you claim your area for a home office.

The good news is, people are being creative about where they work. While the extra bedroom might not be perfect, it has the space. If you need two home offices, you can always add one in the basement. Or maybe hire a contractor to add an extension. Or convert that old laundry room into the perfect home office suite.

You’re seeing your house in an entirely new way.

Once you select the right place, it’s time to decorate. You can add the personal touch that makes your home office cozier, more you.

Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home OfficeAnd at the base is your home office flooring. Here are a few things to consider.


Let’s start with carpet because it’s a great choice for a variety of reasons. It can help your space stay warmer in the winter, and even help with noise reduction. That can be a big plus if you have several people at home, working in front of the computer and talking regularly on Zoom calls.

Because home office space is often separated from other living space, it can have different flooring. If you prefer a more luxurious carpet selection in bedrooms or family living space, you might want to change up your options in your home office. Low pile is ideal for office environments because it’s easier for office chairs on wheels to move around. It also accommodates office furniture, including heavy computer equipment, without damaging the fibers.

A looped berber is ideal for a home office as they have a lower profile than other residential choices. If you select berber, consider a level profile where the loops are all the same size. This will avoid snagging as chairs and other equipment are moved across the floor.

You may also wish to move from residential to commercial carpet applications. Commercial grade carpet is designed for heavy traffic in an office environment. Since they are created with heavy use in mind, they will be a great choice for a work from home office space. They are typically low profile pile that handle well in a variety of situations. You can customize it to match the look and feel of your home, or step out and personalize it to blend with your company brand. This can work well if you have an outside entrance, and in the future, may consider bringing clients into your space.

One final thought about carpet. If you’re building a home office, chances are you’ll bring in computer equipment to help you function. That luxurious pile carpet may be perfect for the bedroom, but can cause problems in a home office. Especially here in Colorado where static can be a problem, it’s important to ensure that the carpet you select has a good anti-static treatment to help you out. While all carpets come with a standard treatment, you can upgrade and ensure it has enhanced anti-static guard. Commercial carpet often comes with added protection, something that may be important if you have an expensive setup or have experienced problems in the past.


Maybe you want an upgrade from the look and feel of carpet for your home office floors. Maybe you think hardwood is the only way to go.

While hardwood can be a good choice, depending on what you do, it might also be a good time to look at laminate flooring.

It’s an affordable choice that allows you to create a variety of looks in your home. Laminate can take on the look of any hardwood floor, and even move into other styles and patterns, including stone and marble. That’s because laminate is a human created flooring choice that is built using several layers. It has a strong backing that can stand up well under pressure.

That means no matter how much you roll back and forth in your chair, your flooring will stand up to the pressure.

It’s a relatively maintenance-free flooring choice. With regular dusting to pick up tracked in dirt, and an occasional swipe of a damp mop to take care of more messy problems, your floor will continue to look its best

Luxury vinyl planks

Want the look and feel of hardwood while gaining the benefits of having waterproof flooring? Look no further than luxury vinyl planks.

What makes luxury vinyl planks a good choice is they come in a variety of styles, looks, and colors. Want an exotic dark hardwood? Or maybe a gray whitewash is more your style? You can find it all in luxury vinyl planks.

And the technology makes them so realistic, that even experts have to take a second look to determine it isn’t the real thing.

Yet you won’t trade in looks for functionality. Because of the technology used to create luxury vinyl planks, you can enjoy your flooring without worrying about spills. Their water-resistant backing means they’ll stand up to all you can dish out.

That means you can close the big deal without having to worry about the flooring.

It’s your home office, your style

Having a home office isn’t just about bringing your work materials home. It’s also about creating a warm and inviting space you’ll be happy to spend your days in.

Choose a desk that allows you to be creative.

Select functionality to match your personality.

Don’t forget the lighting; it’s an easy way to brighten your office space even on the darkest, dreariest of days.

And bring in your personal touches; it’s easier than ever before.

This is your workspace. Select your home office flooring to make it the best.