Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    October 3, 2020

What a difference a year makes.

If you were thinking about remodeling your home last year at this time, you had certain goals in mind. Remodeling that same room this year would bring on an entirely different set of rules.

Who would have thought you’d be working from home? And not just for a day or two here and there, but possibly permanently?

Even if you have a large home, it might be feeling a little smaller these days. You and your spouse both need office space. You need work areas for your kids to go to school. And divide it up so you can work and play, and not get tired of the decor. That’s a pretty tall order for any remodeling project.

All of that home time has you dreaming about new carpet. After all, carpet is something you can dig your toes into. That plush feel makes you sit back and say: ahhh. Plus, on the coldest day of the year, won’t it be better to have warmth all around you, rather than stepping out onto a cold floor? For all those reasons and more, carpet is trending right here in 2020.

Carpet can also help with noise reduction. If your spouse is closing a big deal, your kids are reading and solving problems, and you’re trying to talk to your boss, that echo rattling around your living space isn’t going to help anyone concentrate.

Carpet is a natural noise reducer. Sound is transmitted through vibrations in air molecules. If you have a lot of hard surface area, sound is reflected back into the space. But with carpet, the individual fibers, pile, tufts, and underlay all have different frequencies to absorb sound. Sound is muffled within the carpeting, and prevents it from moving back throughout the room.

Tests show carpeting alone can reduce noise by as much as 35 percent. With the right padding, it can reduce noise by 50 percent or more. That means every step you take, every piece of furniture you move, every dropped book won’t have the impact as if it fell to a hardwood or tile floor.

Another reason why carpet is cool again

Want New Carpet? Consider These Carpet TrendsMany homeowners associate hardwood with cleanliness. And that’s also a big deal right here in 2020.

Yet today’s carpets aren’t what was installed in your parents or grandparents home. Carpet companies have kept up with the times. They make carpeting easier than ever to stay clean and look its best. They create it with fewer chemicals, lower VOCs. That makes eco-friendly options. They are equally concerned about making their product lines sustainable and economically friendly.

Are you thinking carpet is a great choice for your home? We agree.

And if you take a look at the options, we know you’re going to find one that suits your needs perfectly. The latest carpet trends are perfectly created for today’s busy homeowner in mind.

Choosing the right color for your carpet

When homeowners first start thinking about adding new carpet into their homes, they gravitate towards neutral colors.

Neutral colors will never go out of style. They make it easy to decorate and incorporate any color you choose. They give you a base from which to plan. Whether you choose beige, grey, or cream, a neutral carpet can create a solid base to continue with your design.

However, that’s not your only choice. And in fact, you can create a richer, deeper experience by moving into color.

Pantone’s color of the year in 2020 is classic blue. It’s a timeless and enduring blue that blends well with everything. The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says it best:

We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. … Classic Blue provides an anchoring foundation. … Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking, challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective, and open the flow of communication.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what we all need here in 2020? Classic blue might just be the perfect color for your home office, bedroom, guest room, or family space. Especially when the room is pulling double duty, acting as a school or office room as well as living space.

Carpet trends also include textures

When most homeowners think about carpet, they tend to go with a short pile reminiscent of what they see in commercial spaces, or a plusher, higher pile many install in their bedrooms. Carpet is all that and much more.

Carpet texture refers to how a carpet looks and feels. In general, carpet is either a low pile made from short, tight loops of fiber. Or a longer, cut loop fiber that creates a softer, fluffier look and feel.

Some carpets combine these two piles, or are created from cut loops all at different levels. This gives a ribbed or textured look that can add depth to your room’s decor.

This is where it comes down to understanding your needs and desires. High traffic areas do better with low maintenance designs. A lower pile is often lower maintenance, and retains its look and shape no matter how much you walk on it. Cut piles and higher piles tend to do better in lower traffic conditions where they don’t show footprints as much as other types of carpeting.

Of course, it still depends on your personal choices and what you desire for your home. If you have questions, we have answers. After years in the business, we have guided many homeowners into selecting the right carpet style for their homes.

Additional carpet trends for 2020

Carpet is carpet, right? Not exactly. Because manufacturers are always looking for fresh new ways to meet their customers’ demands, there are many different ways to bring softness, warmth, and color into your home with carpet.

  • Area rugs
  • Carpet tiles
  • Handmade rugs
  • Recycled carpet
  • Wall to wall carpet
  • Sustainable carpet
  • Waterproof carpet
  • And more

What are your cares? What are your concerns? What are you looking for in a home design? What do you wish your space would look like?

The good news is there is a carpet trend waiting for you, ready to help you make your space your own.

And we can help make it a reality. Give us a call today.