Posted by          Carpet    December 22, 2016

Thinking about changing out the flooring in your home? Undoubtedly you’ve run into a variety of articles online about the reputation of carpeting. But is it truly as bad as what some make it out to be? Or is carpet still one of the best flooring options you can choose for your home?The Truth About Carpeting

Carpet isn’t just comfortable and stylish, it’s a safe flooring option too. If you have a young family with children learning to walk and tumbling around as they play, that can be a good thing. If you have elderly relatives, it can help them avoid slippery situations and soften falls if they do occur.

Carpet also improves a home’s acoustics because it absorbs noise rather than reflecting it back into the surroundings. And in our cold environment, carpets offer a thermal resistance (R-value), meaning it can help you save energy and reduce your utility bills overall.

Probably the biggest misconception about carpet is that it’s bad for people with allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the opposite has been found to be true. Studies have shown that as carpet usage has shrunk in the general population, allergy reactions have actually increased over time. And a study of school children showed that by having carpet in a child’s bedroom, missed school days and less need for asthma medication went down.

Carpet acts much like a filter, trapping allergens and keeping them out of the air your family breathes. The trapped allergens, such as pet dander or pollen, can then be removed by proper cleaning techniques. To keep your carpet in good shape and retain good indoor air quality, it’s important to:

Vacuum Regularly
High traffic areas or rooms where pets roam free should be vacuumed daily. Once or twice a week may be fine for other lower traffic areas. Use a CRI certified vacuum for optimum soil removal and avoid damaging your carpets over time.

Limit Dirt Introduction
Keep as much dirt and debris off of your floors as possible. Be proactive and put out durable entrance mats at entryways. Also require everyone to take off their shoes as they enter so less dirt is tracked inside.

Deep Clean
Be sure to deep clean your carpets according to manufacturers guidelines, using an appropriate deep cleaning method. This process extracts deeply embedded dirt vacuuming can’t reach.

Is carpeting a good choice for your home remodeling needs?