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For many homeowners, they ignore their flooring until they can’t. Suddenly, carpet looks stained and worn. Hardwood loses its shine, and dings and scratches become glaring reminders you have to do something soon. Vinyl is scuffed and torn. 

Of course, way deep down, we know nothing changes that fast. But as a homeowner, you tend to put off noticing how bad something is until you can no longer do so.What Are The Best Flooring Options For Your Home?

Then you’re tasked with replacing your current flooring and making an upgrade that will hopefully last for years. That’s when you have two paths to take to select the best flooring options for your home. You can:

  • Jump at a flooring choice because of the price
  • Take the time to carefully consider what’s best for each room in your home

Sounds like straightforward advice, right? And when most people read those two statements, they place themselves in the second. Of course, you think about what’s best for you. But from our experience, many homeowners put all that aside when it comes down to price. They justify a flooring option because of the sticker, and regret their decision almost from the moment it’s installed. 

You may love the look of hardwood, but is it really the right choice for every room in your home? You might be leaning towards carpet, but are you doing so for all the right reasons? 

Here’s a list of the best flooring options and which rooms they are well suited for. 


Nothing creates more style and elegance than hardwood flooring. And with so many different styles, patterns, colors, and hardwoods available, making your final selection will be the most challenging process. Here in Colorado, hardwood is a part of our culture. You’ll find hardwood is used in everything from ski lodges to shopping malls, so of course, it will look great in your home. And if you’ve bought or sold a house in the last few years, you know it tops the list of items in demand. 

What’s more, hardwood flooring is easy to care for on a day to day basis. Keeping dirt off the floor with a quick sweep or vacuum is all you’ll ever need to keep them looking new. This will have to be a regular part of your cleaning routine, as hardwood can be easily be scratched if dirt or small rocks are ground into the wood when you walk. 

While hardwood looks great anywhere, keep in mind that it’s most significant drawback is its loudness. You’ll hear every step someone takes, and that can become annoying in a home with small children, especially near the bedrooms. It’s also not the best choice for rooms with high humidity or moisture issues, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Nothing can ruin hardwood quicker than standing water. 

Still, hardwood is a great choice for your main living spaces. Family rooms, living rooms, and even dining rooms will all look stylish with hardwood installed. And if you want to muffle the noise a bit, a rug will accomplish that and add to your decor in the process. 


There are so many ways tile can accent every room in your home, there’s no way we can cover it in one article. You’ll have to come in and see our selection to fully appreciate all you can do with today’s tile choices.

Tile comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. You can choose ceramic tile that is very durable and resistant to scratches. You can stay natural and go with travertine, slate, or granite. Or give porcelain tile a try. You’ll be amazed at the look and feel tile can mimic – how about tile that looks just like hardwood, only with the durability of tile? 

Every tile selection has its own level of durability, maintenance, and care. It’s wise to talk with one of our consultants long before you make your final selection. Homes with pets and small children will require different choices than a house with empty nesters.

Tile is one of the hardest selections you can make for your flooring. It has no give when you walk, stand, or even drop something on the floor. It can create a louder room environment, and may echo depending on your decor. It can also crack, depending on the tile and how it’s treated. 

And while some say tile is very cold, we often suggest to include radiant heating under tile to make it warm and inviting. That makes it a perfect choice for your master suite, where standing on a cold-winter morning will be something you look forward to, maybe even get you popping out of bed a little quicker. 

All of this and more makes tile one of our favorites for best flooring options. 


No one can argue that carpet still has its place in homes across Colorado. When the temperatures dip well below freezing, you’ll be glad you took a second look at carpeting. 

Carpet not only feels soft to the touch, but it also softens the appearance of the room too. It adds depth. It adds design. And it prevents that hollow, echo-y sound associated with other flooring choices. 

Plus carpet is easy to install. If you have subflooring issues, or a home where uneven floors have been a problem in the past, carpet is the perfect solution. 

Although a lot of advancements have been made with stain-resistant fibers, carpet will still stain over time. Even if you vacuum regularly, the simple act of living in your space will mean that carpet wears out eventually. You will have to get them professionally cleaned from time to time. 

Yet even with a few downsides, nothing takes away from the comfort you’ll feel slipping out of bed in the morning. It’s also lovely in a child’s playroom, giving them cushion as they crawl and roll around. Or in a home movie theater where it acts as a sound absorber as you play your favorite movies. 


When we make recommendations for the best flooring options for Colorado homes, we have to include vinyl on the list. Today’s vinyl isn’t what you remember your parents installing in their homes. Today’s vinyl is wild with opportunity. 

Luxury vinyl can give you any look, style, pattern, or color you desire. Vinyl has come a long way in looks, and can even mimic wood planks or tile. It’s quite easy to install, and equally as easy on the feet. If you stand in a laundry room or kitchen for extended periods of time, you’ll love having the cushiony feel of vinyl under your feet. 

Vinyl continues to be a great choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, or even kitchens. You’ll love the softness and the warmth it brings. 

Making Your Final Selection

We know making your final decision can be a difficult process. Because you will only install new flooring a few times in your lifetime, it’s worth some thought. It’s also worth a second look.

Stop by today and see all of our flooring samples. Talk with one of our specialists and consider your options. Take a few samples home and see how they look in the light. 

Our goal is to help you find the best flooring options for all the rooms in your home.