Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    January 30, 2016

Why are flooring tiles a great choice for your workspace? Because of their versatility. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure a great looking floor for years to come.

To help you choose the right tiles for your situation, consider these maintenance routines for each of these popular flooring tile options.Want Low Maintenance? Try These Flooring Tiles

Carpet Tile
Carpet tiles require daily cleaning by running a vacuum over the area. Daily vacuuming helps remove dust, dirt and debris that could otherwise sink into the carpet fibers and destroy the backing. In addition to regular vacuuming, carpet tiles also require periodic deep cleaning. When choosing a deep cleaning method, opt for waterless cleaning methods. Dry powder cleaning uses micro-beads to attract and absorb dirt and debris. Once the powder is brushed into the carpet, a simple vacuum can remove the powder and the dirt along with it. Hot water can linger in the carpets even after extraction, loosening the adhesive and impacting the overall strength of the tile. If water is left in the tile, dirt and debris will continue to accumulate.

Vinyl Composite Tile
Vinyl composite tile provides a smooth, hard surface that’s easy to clean and easy to maintain. Like other hard surfaces, vinyl composite tile requires daily sweeping and mopping to remove dirt and debris. In addition, it requires regular waxing and polishing to help protect it from scuffs, scratches and discoloration. The process is relatively easy, stripping off the old layer and reapplying a new one. The number of times the process is needed over the year depends on the amount of foot traffic in the area.

Luxury Vinyl Tile
A step up from vinyl composite tiles are their luxury vinyl tile counterparts. What makes them different is their no wax maintenance schedules. Luxury vinyl tiles use a thick, transparent layer and a polyurethane coating on the surface to protect the tiles. This coating provides an excellent resistance to stains, scratches and scuff marks, while eliminating the need for waxes, polishes and other harsh chemicals. This results in a maintenance schedule that’s less labor intensive than other types of vinyl flooring. Over its lifetime, a luxury vinyl tile may only require a single refinishing. Daily sweeping and mopping still apply.

Which is the right choice for you? Your personality and organizational requirements will help define. In any case each of these flooring tile options will give you an easy way to make your workspace look great, and be easy to maintain too.