Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    January 25, 2016

Choosing new flooring for your bathroom? There are plenty of reasons why marble tile may be the perfect choice for you. Not only has marble been the inspiration behind home design for centuries, its also a versatile material that will leave your bathroom in beautiful condition for many years to come.Using Marble Tile: What To Consider

Yet not all marble is the same. How do you choose the right marble for you?

Consider veining levels
Marble comes in many colors with varying degrees of veining. Veining refers to the movement or pattern woven throughout the final piece you select. It can range from subtle to high; no two stones are ever the same. It’s best to investigate a wide variety of marble choices before making your final selection to get a feel for all the options available to you.

Choose the right finish
When selecting marble tile for the bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind that not all tiles are the same. It is essential to choose tile that can withstand high humidity conditions, and one that will withstand heavy foot traffic without being slippery. Marble for bathroom floors must be compatible for wet conditions; not all marble is. Marble with honed or low-gloss finishes will offer the best results. Always talk with a flooring consultant before making your final selection to ensure the marble you select is the right choice for the conditions.

Choose the right color
Marble comes in a variety of colors, with an equal amount of veining options as well. You can stick with a subtle white marble background with varying shades of veining, or go with a darker, richer shade to add a bit of elegance to your space. Try complimenting your bathroom floor with your countertops, shower space or backspash. Together they will create a space you will be proud to live with for many years to come.

Consider the different cuts
While marble provides natural beauty to whatever space you choose, there are different ways of cutting it, which will play into the way it’s designed. A vein-cut marble is cut to enhance the movement that occurs through the stone, and produces a consistent veining pattern across the slab or tiles. A cross-cut marble is cut at a 90 degree angle to the position that would have been used for vein-cut marble. This exposes more variety in patterns of the veining, and gives you a more dramatic look and feel.

Whatever your choice, whatever your selection, marble tile is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your bathroom for many years to come. Ready to see your choices in marble flooring? Stop by today.