Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    February 3, 2016

Doing a little research on carpet tiles? The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in the backing. Carpet tiles come with a hardback or a cushion back. Which is best? There are a number of reasons why cushion backed carpet tiles may be the winner.Why Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles Are A Necessity

Easy To Install
Certain types of cushion backed carpet tiles have a open cell cushion backing which is non-reactive. This means the backing won’t react to traces of adhesive that may be left on the sub-floor and cause problems with the adhesion process. A non-reactive back means less time in clean up from the old carpeting, less time in preparation to lay the new. And because you won’t have to prime or seal the floor, you’ll reduce your labor and installation costs throughout the process.

Most people focus in on the carpet when deciding on a carpet. Yet if long-wearing and durability is your ultimate goal, look towards the backing as well. Cushion absorbs the impact of foot traffic, not the fibers. Which means that by upgrading to a cushion backed tile, you can add as much as 50 percent lifespan to your carpet life.

Reduce Noise
In many cases you’ll be adding carpet to reduce noise. By adding cushion backed tiles, you’ll have a quieter space, with the cushion absorbing as much as 50 percent more noise than that of other products. Less noise, less stress, happier surroundings.

Control Moisture
Do you have moisture problems? High humidity levels? Issues with mold or mildew? Cushion backed carpet tiles may be your solution. Open cell cushioning prevents mold and mildew better than any other backing. It allows carpet to breathe and enables moisture to escape through the seams rather than staying trapped between the floor and the carpet. Some carpets can be installed in areas with relative humidity levels as high as 85 percent; be sure to check with the manufacture to ensure the carpeting meets your specifications.

Cushion backed carpet tiles may be the perfect solution for you. If you want a great looking floor that can provide comfort and well-being for everyone in the space, look no further. To discover the many options available to you, stop by today.