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It’s exciting redecorating your home. You can take a room that has fizzled out, and turn it into a place you love.

But what works on your main level living space isn’t always the greatest advice for your basement. Basements can be darker, dingier, and leave you feeling like you’re walking into a cavern.

Here’s the secret: it starts with your basement flooring. As you’re redecorating your basement and turning it into a space you’ll love, make sure you select the right flooring.

Understanding light

Basements are different because of the way they are lit. They exist underground, and have few or no windows. Even if windows exist, they are usually smaller than other windows throughout your home. And yet when it comes to decorating, most homes are lit the same way as other rooms.

No wonder they’re so dark!

It is possible to add more windows, or even enlarge the ones you have. Keep in mind it isn’t as easy as replacing other windows throughout your home. But if you’re renovating your forever home, it might be worth the cost.

Use Flooring To Brighten Your BasementWith windows in place, ensure that they aren’t covered and are fully used to give off natural light to the space throughout the day. Make them light, bright and airy by keeping the glass as clean as can be. If you do add curtains or blinds, be sure you can pull them away from the window during the day. Amplify this natural light as much as you can because it will improve the way your basement looks and functions.

Of course, you can always bring in additional lighting sources too. Think multidimensional lighting as you add in sources. Layers will fill every space with appropriate light. Start with recessed lighting as it gives off a broader range of light. Lights in the ceiling add more light to the room, and because they aren’t taking up space, they can add more room to play with other decor.

From there, layer the lighting in other places, such as a lamp on an end table, and spotlights on artwork and shelving.

The more light the better.

Stick with light colored basement flooring

Before you start shopping for new basement flooring, consider all your basement goes through in a year.

Is it damp? Do you have trouble with moisture from time to time?

Keeping your flooring in good condition throughout the year should be your first thought. You don’t want to have to worry about mold or mildew after a few months.

As you narrow in on your choices, focus on light colored flooring. You may love your dark hardwood in the main living space, but the dark color can make your basement look smaller. Light flooring opens up basement areas. Also, try to use the same flooring throughout the basement, as that will also open up the space.

If you love your hardwood and want to stick with it, if possible. We suggest you move towards one of the other popular floorings such as engineered wood, luxury vinyl planks, or wood look tile. But whatever you decide, go with a lighter shade. Select a natural wood look, whitewashed, or even a light gray.

Light is always better.

A lot of homeowners move towards carpet because it adds warmth to an already cooler basement. If your basement includes a movie theater, a bedroom, or a game room where you love to come together as a family late into the evening, carpet may be a good choice. Again, make sure you stick with lighter shades of beige or gray to keep the space open and inviting.

If warmth is one of your top concerns, you can also look towards radiant heating. It sits underneath tile or luxury vinyl planks, making the floors warm to the touch, and adding warmth to the space from the bottom up.

Other tricks to try to brighten your basement up

Have you noticed how we’ve suggested sticking with light colored decor so far in this article? We’re going to continue with that suggestion here. Skip the dark wood furniture, and the black or navy sofas and chairs. Consider white, cream, or light gray instead. You might even use glass coffee or end tables to help reflect the light.

Mirrors are also a great way to make the space look larger. Find unique ways of incorporating them in every room. Creating a mirrored wall will open up a home gym. Adding a large mirror in a game room will enlarge the space. As you shop around you’ll find mirrors in all kinds of formats. Focus on the frame, and you can easily replace artwork with a mirror and have it stand out in your space.

It goes without saying that when you select paint for the walls, stick to light colors. You don’t have to go with pure white to open up the room. With so many shades of white, you’ll find the perfect one for your decor. You can even use two different tones, select a whiter white for doors and molding to make the whole thing pop.

Now let’s go back to the floors. Even if you decide to cover the floors with engineered wood, luxury vinyl tile, or wood look tile, you can make the room cozy by laying down a rug. Once again, focus on the color and the pattern, ensuring it’s weaved with light colored fibers. With so many choices today, you can find a variety of area rugs that can handle the activities of any basement space. Focus on patterns to help camouflage dirt. Or play with color to add a bit of pizazz to the space.

Above all, have fun with the process and love everything you put into your basement’s decor. Ultimately, this is about making a space you and your family will use from day to day.

Do a few searches online. You’ll find motivation everywhere in the home remodeling websites, online magazines, and even on Pinterest.

It’s easy to dream about the perfect living space when you start at the base. Lighten up your basement flooring, and use that as a way to breathe new life into the rooms you’ll use most.

How can we help you make the right flooring selection?