Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    June 6, 2017

Walk into a flooring center with many different sized tiles on display, and you’re likely to fall in love many times over. There’s so much to choose from!

But falling in love with a look and feel in the store is different than loving it for years on your floors or your walls. What you loved about it may soon translate to being annoyed or even hating it once you live with it every day.How To Select Just Right Tile Sizes

Determining tile size depends on a few factors. Your desires and personality come into play at the top of the list. Additionally, floor space should also be a factor too. Here are a few tips to help you make a decision you’ll love.

Let the size of your room dictate the size of your tile

One of the most basic rules in laying tile is to let the size of your room dictate the size of the tile you install. So a really large area – perhaps a kitchen or great room – could handle really large format tiles. A medium size bathroom would work well with a medium sized tile to suit the surrounding area. And a petite hall or entryway, backsplash, or closet would work well with smaller tiles, such as subway tile or mosaic.

Don’t forget about grout

Tile isn’t the only thing to consider. Tiles can be placed close together, or spaced wider apart with grout lines showing in between. The more grout lines you have in place, the busier a floor may look. This can have a tendency to make a small room look a little chaotic. Moving up to a medium sized tile instead can reduce grid-like appearances and give a smoother, cleaner look.

Consider the functionality of your room

In the bathroom, you may have a lot of tight corners to cover, angles to blend in, and appliances to work around. A larger tile may need a lot of cuts to fit into place, giving the room a cut up look if a lot of larger tiles are continually cut down to size. Even in larger bathrooms, smaller tiles may work better, especially if you’re working a lot of decor into place.

Color matters too

Don’t just stop with the color of your tiles, consider grout color too. You can make your room look larger by using a similar color with both tiles and grout, so the look blends together. This makes the grid display disappear, and you’ll have a more seamless look and feel.

Grout adds traction

Safety and bathrooms go hand in hand. Which is why you’ll often find mosaic tile laid into place in a bathroom. Grout provides better traction and less slipping, so using it in a place already prone to slippage can improve the safety of your room. And because it’s easy to find tiles that blend together, using different sizes, types, and styles throughout the space can create a dramatic look sure to please even the pickiest decorators.

What tile size is best for you? Stop by today and start considering your options.