Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    June 9, 2017

Love tile? Love your pets too? There’s a perfect choice for you.

When you have pets, you probably find yourself cleaning up messes frequently. Of course, their unconditional love makes it all worthwhile. Still, if the messes become more frequent and you see the flooring surface continue to decline over time, it can add stress.Choosing Tiles With Your Pets In Mind

Which is why many turn to tile for both the ease and beauty. 

Not only are tiles one of the most practical surfaces you can use in a home with pets, but they also resist scratches, and are non-absorbent, meaning they are great from puppy to elderly stages with easy clean up in most cases.

Materials like carpet stain easily. And once those stains soak through to the backing and the padding, it can take a toll on longevity of your flooring choice. With cats, often cleaners won’t remove all the scent so that you may have your fluffy friend returning to a spot over and over again.

With no fibers, there’s no worry of staining and continual cleaning. It’s as easy as wiping it up.

Even wood floors or laminate can absorb moisture, which eventually leads to warping or discoloring. And repeated moisture in wood or laminate can cause swelling and staining, which is more easily scratched and dented.

Using tile is a practical choice for pet owners. Because they are easy to maintain, they will look good year after year. Porcelain tiles can last decades. Even natural stone tiles like slate can last indefinitely if properly sealed after installation.

What are the best places to install tile?

How about the mudroom? If your pet goes in and out regularly, it’s important to have flooring that’s easily wiped up on rainy or snowy mornings when they track in mud and debris.

The kitchen is another great place to lay tile. Pets invariably spend a lot of time in the kitchen with you. They often are the center of your home, leading in all directions. And with an entrance to your backyard, they may often wander in and out all day long. If you place water and food bowls in the kitchen, moisture will be a part of your daily life. Tile can handle all of that with ease and grace.

Have a pet in your home? Maybe it’s time to consider how tile could benefit you.