Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    June 2, 2017

Are you as tile-crazy as we are? Nothing is more beautiful in your home than newly installed porcelain tile. They come in beautiful colors, lots of sizes, and plenty of styles and patterns. You can create a look that’s uniquely your own, one you’ll love for years to come.

But it’s easy to worry about keeping them clean, especially if you’ve never installed porcelain tiles in your home before. Do a search online and you can find “horror stories” abound.Cleaning Tips For Your Porcelain Tile

Envisioning a bright, clean atmosphere is how you start. Watching them be installed adds to the excitement. But the moment you drop a glass of wine, or the dog tracks in a pile of mud, things head south quickly.

Cleaning porcelain tile isn’t like cleaning other surfaces. Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures than other ceramic tiles, which creates a stronger surface structure. Porcelain tiles are also created with a unique set of ingredients, making it extremely water resistant. Because of this, porcelain will absorb very little moisture, helping it become more stain resistant, as well as keeping it cleaner on the surface level from dirt and grime.

However, it still requires a regular maintenance routine to keep it looking it’s best.

Daily Upkeep Is Easy

Depending on the size of your family and your normal routine, maintenance is easy. Use warm water to keep your tiles looking their best, avoiding any harsh chemicals or cleaners. If you catch most spills immediately, warm water works every time.

Keep Dirt Away

If loose dirt or debris is spilled, use a soft broom or mop to brush it away. A vacuum may be the perfect way to remove unwanted dirt. If dirt is caked on, using a nylon-grit brush and scrub slowly to penetrate all the way through.


If a happen to get a stain, use a mild cleaner diluted with warm water and scrub per manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid oily cleaners with can produce an oily layer over your porcelain tiles.

Avoid Acid

Adding acidity into your cleaning will only remove color from your grout. And in severe cases, acid can also penetrate the tile and reduce the surface level of the tile, which in turn makes it more difficult to clean.

If you have any questions, the best place to start is with your flooring representative. We can offer advice on how to keep your porcelain tiles looking their best for many years to come.