Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    February 19, 2017

Want an easy floor to clean and maintain? Chances are you’ve considered tile. Tile is one of the most versatile flooring choices available, which is probably why tile flooring has been used in homes for centuries.

In most cases, tile floors are easy to clean and won’t take up much time in your daily chore list.

Sweep your floors once a week.How To Clean Tile Floors and Grout

Vacuum your floors once a week.

Mop your floors with warm water once a week.

Wipe up all spills immediately, even excess water.

With just these few simple rules, your tile flooring will maintain its look and feel for years to come.

But sometimes simple cleaning isn’t enough. Sometimes your flooring needs a little bit more to maintain its looks. It might be easier than you think.

But before you head to your local big box store to purchase a cleaner, you might want to consider these choices instead.

Vinegar and Water

Mix equal parts vinegar and very hot water. The acidity in vinegar acts as a degreaser and can remove those spots of grease you may have in your kitchen. After you mop your floor with the vinegar and water combination, be sure to mop again with clean water to rinse the floor. Mop from side to side, then up and down to get into all corners of the grout. Be sure to give your floor ample time to dry before heading back into the room for action.

Tip: Don’t have vinegar in the house? Plain rubbing alcohol can be a substitute for vinegar.

Dish Detergent and Water

Dirt and grime on the floors often stretches beyond greasy messes. And you can’t always see the grime that exists on the floor. Another great option to keep your floors clean is using a solution of dish detergent and warm water. Mix equal parts of both in your cleaning bucket and mop the floor. Make sure you work backward, not stepping on cleaned areas. Let floors rest at least 20 minutes before walking back in.

Baking Soda

Grout is a porous substance that is not stainproof or waterproof. Grout is made from water, sand and cement, which tend to absorb grease and dirt faster than tiles. As a result, they may discolor faster and appear dirty.

Much like tile cleaner, great home solutions can be used. You can make a grout cleaner with any combination of baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Avoid bleach as that can further discolor your grout. Once you have your solution, place it on the grout lines and let it sit. Then scrub with an old toothbrush to get the stains off.

Tip: Acids like vinegar and other cleaning products can erode natural stone. If you have natural stone tile in place, use dish soap, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda instead.