Posted by          Flooring    February 23, 2017

Looking for flooring for your commercial building? There are a lot of things to consider.

Flooring can come under a variety of different stresses, all of which require different applications to ensure safety and good looks. A parking garage requires different flooring than an entryway to a commercial building. Medical facilities have their own needs and requirements. Stress Resistant FlooringA warehouse may have a variety of needs, from excessive forklift use to withstanding hundreds, even thousands of pounds of materials being stacked on at any given time.

Even when planning out specific uses for specific spaces, different requirements may come into play. For instance, in a warehouse that uses forklifts all day, certain areas may be more prone to accidents due to the nature of an area. Are some place more prone to moisture, making them slicker and dangerous? Are some areas tighter in space, requiring the forklift to backup and turn again and again? All of this amounts to stress. And if the wrong flooring is used, it can crack and break quickly.

In every situation, there is a solution. The key is understanding the requirements of your flooring before you make your selection, and choosing the best flooring for the use. If you need flooring:

  • That is skid and slip resistant
  • That withholds weight and pressure
  • That can take shifting and movement
  • That is resistant to salts, oils, grease, chemicals, even acids

Be sure to work with a commercial flooring representative that can point you in the right direction.

There are products available that can offer you the best of both worlds: look great while withstanding all the abuse you put out.

Let’s assess what you need most in a stress resistant flooring option.