Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    June 14, 2019

Remember when you first installed new carpet? Your rooms looked new. They made you smile whenever you walked inside. They added color and pizzazz. They helped you define your decor, and add personality to your room. 

And then things changed. 

A stain here. Pulled fibers there. Threadbare over here. And damage over there. Yep, your carpet is worn out. 

It’s time to replace your carpet. 6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Carpet

But maybe, just maybe you can stretch another few months out of it. Surely it can last another year … right?

Your carpet might be trying to tell you: no way! It’s time to replace your carpet, and bring some freshness back into your home once again. 

You can’t ignore the stains on the carpet

The first stain is usually pretty easy to hide. You simply move the furniture around to cover it up. 

The second stain becomes a bit more challenging. How about a bigger rug? 

Eventually, you don’t have enough furniture to make your carpet look good. And it’s not just the stain from the grape juice your kids spilled, or the bottle of red wine from your last party. It’s the fade marks from the sun streaming through the window too. 

Carpet cleaners can often work magic. If you call them in as soon as some stains appear, they can treat the area and make it look better. But not all carpet cleaners are the same. Some carpet cleaning methods can actually do more harm than good. They can make your stains more noticeable, and can damage the fibers with harsh chemicals. 

Of course, there are other stains too that can do severe damage to the carpet, the pad, the subfloor, and even your health: biological substances like pet urine, vomit, mildew, and mold. It’s difficult to get these out when they occur, and over time they can cause serious hazards throughout your home. When you have several spots like this in your room, it’s time to replace your carpet. 

Wear and tear on carpet is telling you something too

Remember how your carpet looked when it was brand new? The color was perfect. The fibers popped back into place as you walked across it. It looked beautiful. 

Now, it looks like a matted mess. And after years of vacuuming, you may have even noticed it pulling up around the edges. While that might not matter much in the corner of your room, you can’t ignore it when it’s near a threshold as you move from one room to the next. 

You may also start to notice trails. Do you see more wear in heavy traffic areas? Hallways are notorious for matting down. And no matter how much vacuuming you do, within minutes, it’s right back to looking old and worn. 

Different types of fibers wear in different ways. While nylon fibers are more resilient than others and respond well to cleaning, they can still wear out over time. When you no longer can hide the matting, or can’t get a piece of metal or wood wide enough to cover the threadbare edges of your carpeting, it’s time to replace your carpet. 

That funny smell? Yep, it’s your carpet

If you have a pet, those funny smells can linger long after the carpet cleaner leaves your home. When you continue to smell that weird smell long after you attempt to do something about it, that’s when you know the problem is deeper than just your carpet. The problem has sunk down into your padding, and possibly even impacted your subfloor. 

As spills, biological substances, and chemicals seep through the backing of your carpet, it soaks into your padding. And once there, there is little you can do to get it out. So it stays there, and grows. It can mildew and mold. 

And the smell begins. 

That’s when you know it’s time to replace your carpet. 

Dig deeper – your carpet padding is the problem

When people shop for carpet, they usually focus all their energy on the carpet. They move to a more expensive, higher quality carpet thinking the additional investment will add longevity overall. 

That’s not entirely true. Yes, a higher-quality carpet will give you better performance. But carpet padding comes into play too. Carpet padding is the foundation for your flooring. Without the right carpet pad in place, carpet is nothing more than a sheet of material you hook into place. 

Carpet padding is what buffers sound. It keeps the room quieter. It improves the insulation factor of your space. It also adds comfort and increases wearability. If your carpet wears well, you can thank the carpet padding for that. 

And when you start to see problems with your carpet – stains, spills, ripples, and wrinkles – that’s your carpet padding saying: help!

Cleaning your carpet doesn’t necessarily reach down to your padding. So the problems escalate until finally it can’t take anymore. 

That’s when you know it’s time to replace your carpet. 

Sick more? It may be your carpet

The more stains your carpet accumulates, the more the padding begins to wear, the more particulates you’ll have in your space. And eventually, all of that biological substances can start impacting your health. 

Do you sneeze more? Have colds that linger? Have allergy symptoms you never used to have? 

It might be your carpet. 

If you can’t find any other reason for your health issues, it might be time to replace your carpet. 

Maybe your carpet is just old

How old is your carpet? Is it still original from when you moved in? Did you add it when you remodeled, yet you’re almost ready to remodel again? 

Carpet isn’t designed to last forever. With even the best care, you can expect carpet to last around 10 years. 

After 10 years, you’ll notice it shows signs of wear, especially in high traffic areas. The dirt will show. The spills will stand out. And no matter what you do, you can’t make it look good. 

It’s a little embarrassing, right? 

Think of what new carpet would do for your home. How would it liven up your room? How would it change your decor? 

New carpet may be one of the least expensive ways to revive your home. To give it style and add life back into your room. 

So what’s it going to be? What’s the best carpet for your home?

Stop by today and see what’s new. And in just a few minutes walking through our showroom, you’ll wonder why you didn’t replace your carpet before.