Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring    August 12, 2016

Wine cellars are increasingly added to homes across the Denver metro area. In most cases, wine cellars are built down in the basement or lower level of the home, built to utilize a cool, humid environment that is needed for storing and aging wines.Wine Cellar Flooring Ideas

In many cases, wine cellars are built on a concrete slab that will need to be sealed and a vapor barrier applied before installation. This is especially important if the wine cellar will have refrigeration installed to maintain temperature consistency and humidity.

Your flooring choice should also be able to stand up over the years and be able to take the weight of the contents of your cellar. A sommelier will tell you that 500 bottles weigh approximately a ton. It’s especially important if it sits above other living space.

You can use wood if it isn’t installed directly onto concrete. Sealed hardwood is an industry mainstay in wine cellar construction; it makes a beautiful addition to your home as well. With wood planking, the possibility of design is unlimited. Many choose to use wood borders and other designs to create a unique experience. Different woods can be layered together to form intricate patterns. Consider breaking up a design with scrolling designs or even intricate cut patterns. How about adding a wood medallion? With more wine cellars in production, there are many options to make yours unique.

Wine and cork go together. And in the case of flooring, cork can be an ideal choice for a wine cellar. Cork is a natural, durable and sustainable materials that are gentle on the feet and has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Cork also is treated with a moisture protection system, which helps it be resistant to mold and mildew.

Tile is often one of the best choices for a wine cellar. You can choose from natural stone or ceramic tile. You can choose from every color of the rainbow. You can have a solid floor or create unique patterns and designs. Want to play off the winery theme? Choose painted tiles with wine motifs – grapes, cherubs, fruit, floral or even vineyard motifs. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s always opportunity to customize your design.

With so many possibilities available to you, the best place to start is by learning what your options are. Stop by today and see the many different flooring choices available, and discover which is the perfect choice for your new wine cellar.