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Although proper maintenance can extend the life of your carpet, every carpet will eventually need replacing. Some of the signs may be obvious; others may be subtle indicators.

If you’re looking at home maintenance projects for the fall and wondering if it’s time to replace your carpet, consider the following six signs that it may be time for an update.6 Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

1. Carpet Stains
The first one is always the hardest; that tough stain that made you cringe when it happened. But over the years, each spill becomes a little easier to take. And when you live in your home, sometimes you overlook the obvious; that your carpeting isn’t really looking its best anymore. Most carpets come with a stain resistant finish. But, over time, the treatment fades and eventually leaves the carpet unprotected. While professional carpet cleaners know how to remove tough stains, eventually they begin taking their toll.

2. Wear and Tear
Every home has certain places where you walk more than others. Down the hallway. Around the couch. Eventually, you try to cover up the wear marks by moving the furniture or buying a new rug. Fibers won’t last forever; eventually no matter how much you clean it or vacuum it, it won’t return to its original look. That’s when it’s time to replace.

3. Stinky Carpet
Carpet goes through a lot in a day. Your kids play on it. Your pets track in things from the outside. You walk on it with shoes. You spill. And every little thing that happened can leave a residue. You may notice a lingering smell that just won’t go away, no matter what you do. If that odor doesn’t go away even after cleaning, it may mean that the odor has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers or beyond to the padding or subfloor. It may even be an indicator of mold or mildew.

4. Carpet Padding
Your carpet doesn’t work on its own; to perform at top quality it must have top quality padding. Padding provides the support for the carpet, working as a foundation, making it comfortable to walk and lay on. It also helps insulate the room, making it quieter and warmer. As the padding takes in spills and absorbs the constant daily action your family gives it, it can begin to wear. If you’ve noticed unevenness, wrinkles, or a crinkling sound, it may be time to replace.

5. Increased Sickness
Does your family circulate through colds and allergy-like symptoms? Older carpets can catch and retain more allergens and particulates than other flooring choices. If they haven’t been properly maintained, many things can be lurking in your carpets. If you notice an increase in sickness, one source may be your older carpet.

6. Age
Is your carpeting right out of the 1970s? Do you still sport shag carpeting in some of your rooms? Have you cleaned it over and over … and over again? Carpeting won’t last forever. Even with good care, most manufacturers recommend replacement every ten years or so. After ten years, signs of wear will begin to show. And that’s when it’s time to replace.

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