Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    April 7, 2018

What’s the best carpet for your home? That depends.

Do you have kids?

Do you have pets?

How much foot traffic does your carpet receive each day?

Selecting carpet fiber determines how long your new carpet will last. It controls how easily it is to maintain, clean, and ultimately how much it will cost you over time. Some carpet may cost more originally, but if it lasts years longer, is it worth it?What Carpet Wears The Best?

Selecting the right fiber starts with understanding the different fibers available on the marketplace today. There are only a handful of fibers, yet you may run across altered fibers using fancy new names to gain your attention. They are still the same fiber, though they may have additions that make them appear different in marketing.


Nylon was developed in 1935 by DuPont Company. It’s the most durable and the most resilient of all carpet fibers. It’s a synthetic fiber that outperforms all other fibers. It wears exceptionally well. It resists abrasion. It resists stains and is easy to clean. Nylon will continue to look like new longer than any other fiber. If you have heavy foot traffic and longevity is your biggest concern, nylon is the choice to make.

In addition to all of those benefits, nylon also comes in virtually any style and color you could want. Nylon is easily color-dyed and comes in a variety of patterns. It’s perfect for any room.


Polyester is one of the least expensive fibers on the market. A thick polyester carpet will feel nice and soft, but won’t have the resilience you’ll find with nylon. Polyester carpet mats down in a hurry, and won’t provide classic good looks over the long term. That’s always been the problem with this fiber.

The main reason people invest in polyester carpet is when they want quick fixes and short term solutions. Polyester may not give you long term looks, but it can be the perfect solution in spaces where you change out your carpeting regularly.


Olefin is a very strong fiber used in production of Berber, commercial, and outdoor carpet solutions. Olefin wears well and has good stain resistance when an anti-stain treatment is applied. It also has anti-static qualities, which makes it a good choice for offices and rooms where technology is in abundance.

Wool and Wool Blends

Wool carpets are considered the most elite of the fibers. They are also some of the most expensive carpets you’ll find. Wool is a natural fiber and is very soft. It provides excellent insulation and is fire resistant. Because they are natural, they are often selected by families dealing with respiratory illnesses such as allergies or asthma. Be sure to ask about full installation procedures, including materials used in the backing and padding.

Which is the best choice for you? It depends on what you’re looking for. Stop by our location today and we can help you narrow your choices and make the perfect selection for your needs.