Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    January 29, 2018

A linear tile floor can improve your home’s overall design. The elongated shape of linear tile has the ability to create the optical illusion of making a room appear larger and more uniform. It can enhance and define your home from end to end.

Lengthen Your Room

The lines in linear tile have the ability to stretch a room if you place them in a direction that maximizes the layout. Plank tiles can showcase grain. Grout in different tiles can further play into dimension. To elongate a room, for example, lay the tile with the lines running in the direction that needs more length. The eye travels in the direction of the flooring and gives the appearance of more space.

Create UniformityUsing Linear Tile Floor To Improve Your Home’s Design

In large spaces where dimension isn’t a problem, linear tile can create visual continuity by using large linear tiles. This will present as a less busy, more fluid selection. Select a subdued grout color that blends in with the tile, and keep the grout lines as small as possible to further enhance the fluidity. This will maximize the feel of an open concept room.

Widen By Placing On The Diagonal

Older homes often have smaller rooms. By using linear tile on the diagonal, you can distract from walls that aren’t square. Rectangular planks or linear style flooring installed in a diagonal pattern has the ability to widen a narrow room, maximizing the effect for the eye.

Use Wood-Look For Style and Efficiency

Hardwoods are popular; that isn’t going to change any time soon. Plank tile has the ability to give you the looks of hardwood and the functionality of tile. And because there are so many options today, you can select any color or style you can dream of.

It’s Not Just For Flooring

A linear tile isn’t just for the floor. You can also take it up the wall to create an artistic focal point. How about creating a dramatic effect around your fireplace? Or enhancing a half bath off your living space? As the flooring continues up the wall, it can create an impressive finish and add flair and personality to your space.

How can you incorporate linear tile into your living space?