Posted by          Flooring    January 25, 2018

As homeowners, we love our smooth floor surfaces. Hardwood, laminate, tile, even vinyl looks great in every room in your home.

And they make perfect sense when you have a pet. They’re easy to clean and easy to maintain.

But your dog’s paws aren’t designed to walk on such smooth, hard surfaces. And that can lead to slipping and sliding. And falling. And that can lead to some pretty serious injuries. The most frequent injuries range from pulled or torn ligaments to hip injuries, to aggravating arthritic or swollen joints.How To Prevent Your Pets From Slipping On Your Flooring

Dogs uses their toenails for traction. They engage their paws, flex their toes, and dig in their nails for stability. Think of it like soccer cleats. With a hard surface, that can’t happen.

Luckily, there are ways to love your flooring and provide a safe environment for your pet too.

  • Keep your pet’s toenails short. This allows them to have a healthy posture when they walk.
  • Place carpet runners or rugs throughout your home, especially in main traffic area and where your dog is most likely to walk. You can also focus on where your dog is most likely to run and play, keeping rugs in those areas for them to gain traction as they move.
  • Pay extra attention to where your dog most likely will nap. Especially as dogs age, a slick floor can be quite the challenge for arthritic bones to get back up again.
  • If your pet uses stairs, be extra careful if they aren’t carpeted. This increases the chances of your dog slipping and falling. A good runner securely installed can help both you and your pet avoid accidents.
  • Keep your dog physically fit. If your dog maintains an ideal body weight, there will be less pressure on their joints, making it easier to walk. Couple good eating habits with regular exercise in a well-maintained area and they’ll be less likely to play vigorously inside.
  • Consider non-slip dog socks or traction pads for your dog to wear inside. There are a number of products available that will help your dog get around easier on smooth surfaces, even while they’re running.

There are ways for you to enjoy the flooring you desire and keep your pets safe in the process. Taking these ideas to heart will prevent slipping and falling, as well as making your home the perfect place for you both to live.