Posted by          Carpet    November 23, 2017

Do a search online, and you’ll find all kinds of advice. For example, if you want to purchase airline tickets, you’ll find the best day to buy is Tuesday.

But what about carpeting? Is there a day of the week that’s better to shop than others? Or a specific time of the year where you’ll get a better deal?

A little education can go a long way. Instead of jumping at the first deal because you have a coupon, or going to the big box in town because it’s easy, do a little investigative work instead. What you find out can save you money.The Best Time To Buy New Carpeting

Many homeowners shop at the big box hardware stores for ease. But their selection isn’t great, and their deals are often not quite the deal you would expect. They buy in bulk, which means you get what they choose to deliver. A few choices may seem like enough. But how do you know if you’re getting the right choice for you?

Turning to a flooring company doesn’t always mean you’ll pay more for the product. Instead, it means you’ll have more variety to choose from, a better selection, and higher education on what the differences really are.

There are also different kinds of flooring companies. Some are nationwide companies; others are local companies working hard to give you what you need. The shop at home services or door to door are often independent contractors; be careful you’re working with legitimate companies.

People usually buy carpet at specific times of the year.

People use their tax refunds for major home purchases, which makes the middle of February until the end of April high purchase times.

People also install new carpeting in July and August, when school is out and flexibility is increased because the kids are out of school.

People often decide to redecorate for the holidays, especially if they are planning parties and family events. From mid-October to mid-December, you’ll find a lot of requests for upgrading flooring.

That means if you shop outside of these times, you’ll have more options available to you as you look around.

The key to getting the best deal possible is taking your time. If someone rushes you into a quick decision, it’s time to find another flooring company.

This is a long-term addition to your home. Be sure to select the right flooring option for you.