Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    May 21, 2017

For many of us throughout Colorado, a basement isn’t just a place to store your extra things; it’s an extension of the space in your home.

We use basements for just about everything: living space, bedrooms and bathrooms, entertainment areas, game rooms, movie theaters, even a wine cellar. And with all of that extra space, sometimes you want to reach beyond the standard flooring we think of in a basement.So You Want To Carpet Your Basement

Concrete and tile only go so far.

What if you want carpet in the bedrooms to keep it warm? What if you want carpet in the movie theater to absorb the sound?

Any finished basement space is going to require eliminating an existing water problem that may be present in the home. Yet even basements that don’t have obvious water problems can still suffer from high moisture situations. Standing water around a foundation can cause water to build up around the basement concrete, allowing moisture to seep in. Over time, that can wreck havoc on your flooring.

That doesn’t have to turn you away from carpet. It just means extra steps are needed to ensure you create a dry, airy environment that will keep the room at its best throughout the year.

Pay attention to the carpet padding. Select a carpet pad that has an anti-microbial built into it to help keep the carpet from supporting mold or mildew.

Also, pay attention to carpet fiber. Consider carpet made from Olefin. This product is chemical-resistant and will help retain its looks even with an aggressive cleaning solution. Make sure the entire carpet is constructed of synthetic materials – no jute-backed carpets. Jute backing is similar to a potato sack, and won’t withstand moisture.

It also pays to know your home. If you have moisture problems in certain areas of your basement, it may be wise to mix and match your flooring choices. Carpet may work well in the bedrooms, but a stone alternative may be better for the living space. Consider area rugs to help warm the space.

Wondering what to choose for your basement flooring needs? Stop by today and let us show you your options.