Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    August 8, 2016

Selecting new carpeting for you home? If you’re looking for a natural, eco-friendly option, it may be time to consider sisal or jute.

Why go natural? Rather than using a synthetic material such as nylon that utilizes natural gas and petroleum to fabricate, and has off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a natural fiber uses sustainable, renewable resources to produce an all-natural product. Two of the most popular options are sisal and jute, both of which can make excellent choices for your home.Sisal vs Jute Carpeting: Which Is Right For You?

Sisal comes from the sisal plant, which is a type of agave. Brazil is the largest exporter of sisal fibers. Jute grows in stalks in India and Bangladesh. When stalks are harvested, fibers are removed, and the threads are used to make materials such as burlap.

In many cases, sisal and jute carpeting look similar when laid side by side. Both share a characteristic woven look, and come in natural tones such as tan, beige, and brown. While both materials can be dyed other colors, in many cases the natural colors and tones are what people most prefer about these products.

Overall, jute has a softer touch and feel than sisal. Yet because sisal comes from one of the toughest plants in the world, its durability makes it one of the highest on the list. Sisal provides excellent wear and durability in your highest traffic areas, especially on stairs, hallways and busy living quarters. Jute is a better option for less wear and tear, such as home offices or bedrooms.

In both cases, sisal and jute are fairly low maintenance. Regular vacuuming will keep both looking their best throughout the week. Both sisal and jute are incredibly absorbent, meaning a spill will begin soaking into the fibers almost immediately. If spills occur, cleaning them immediately is imperative to removing the stain. And because it soaks in liquids quickly, it’s also better not to use wet shampoos and steam cleaning on the fibers.

Considering sisal or jute carpeting for your home? Stop by and see your options today.