Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring    October 2, 2015

When it comes to buying things for you home, do you prefer to buy American whenever possible?

While that can be difficult in many industries, flooring has viable options that are perfect additions to your home. And one of our favorites is American Cherry wood flooring.Should Your Next Choice In Flooring Be American Cherry?

American Cherry wood is rich in culture here in the US. You can’t think of a cherry tree without imagining a young George Washington picking up an ax and chopping one down, creating a story that continues to be passed down from generation to generation. Yet even though the story is probably more fiction than factual, the American Cherry tree is as American as, well, cherry pie.

And while the American Cherry tree produces one of the sweetest resources we all enjoy each year, it also provides another resource used in many homes across the US – it’s one of the best sources of hardwood.

American Cherry is a heartwood with a light pinkish brown to deep golden brown color. While it may be softer than a red oak, it provides a stability factor that is better. There are many different species of cherry tree. The American black cherry is native to the eastern regions of the country. Individual trees have been known to live up to 300 years or more, yet it is a fast growing tree that produces seeds in as little as ten years after planting.

Because they are easily grown and located in many regions throughout the US, they have long been harvested for more than their fruits. In addition to fruit and hardwood, cherry trees are also used to make wood chips, which provide excellent smoking materials for meats and vegetables. Their seeds are also a primary source of the poison cyanide – you’ll never find cherry trees easily accessible to farms that keep livestock on site.

Although cherry wood isn’t the hardest of hardwoods, it is extremely durable. That’s why you’ll find it in use not only on floors, but in furniture too. It resists warping over time, making it a perfect choice for handling all the abuse your family can give.

While many American cherry floors are lighter in color, taking on a slightly pinkish hue, you can achieve deeper shades as well. The wood naturally darkens with exposure to light, and can darken as much as 25 percent over the course of its lifetime. It can be stained easily, and when sealed is easy to maintain.

Renewable, beautiful, and available in many different shades, the American cherry tree may make the perfect hardwood flooring choice for your home.