Posted by          Flooring    October 8, 2015

When you are designing a space where you’ll meet customers on a regular basis, you have to think differently. The atmosphere has to be engaging but comfortable. It has to be functional yet inviting.

First impressions mean everything in a relationship, business or personal. And if your customer walks in and has any doubt, they will leave sooner rather than later, and take their business with them.Bringing Comfort and Beauty To Your Commercial Flooring Remodel

Those worn out old chairs, the cheap second hand desk, even the bare walls make a big impression. But even before they consider the décor, they start with your floors.

When someone opens the door to your business, the assessment begins. They see the worn marks as they enter. The see the dirt and stains. They see the faded carpets that should have been replaced years ago. They see the warped hardwood floors. And their opinion is instantly formed.

If you’ve been waiting to a sign a new lease, or waiting until business is a little better before taking the plunge, don’t wait. Investing in a new floor may be the first step in improving your business.

And right now, there are many options available to you. No matter what your budget, your business, or your needs entail, there is a perfect commercial flooring choice for you.

Commercial Cork
Cork flooring has been steadily growing in popularity over the years for both residential and commercial applications. It’s soft and warm, and can add visual appeal in a similar way as hardwood floors. When used in high traffic areas, it is important to seal the flooring to protect it from scratches and stains.

A commercial grade carpet is always a good choice in a commercial location. It gives the environment a comfortable look, and can instantly put a customer at ease. And because the choices in color, style and design are almost never-ending, you can dress your space up or down to evoke any mood. Carpets do attract dirt and stains, so it is important to adhere to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. And if you are using carpet squares, it may benefit you to invest in extra to replace accidents along the way. As one of the most economical choices in flooring, its also easy to change out your flooring on a regular basis to keep your space in top shape all the time.

Vinyl is one of the most versatile flooring options available. It’s durable and stands up well in all kinds of traffic conditions. It is scratch and dent resistant. Its also stain and water resistant. Maintenance is also an easy chore and can be handled with a mop and a broom. And thanks to today’s technology, you can find it in any color, style or pattern you desire.

The above flooring choices aren’t just functional, they are good looking as well. No matter what style of flooring you choose, you can give your commercial space a much needed face lift, and begin telling your customers you are the company to do business with.