Posted by          Flooring    July 14, 2017

We all look for great deals. It’s a part of our culture. And the Internet makes it easy.

But in some cases, a good deal can cause you and your family a lot of harm.

Studies have been done evaluating toxic chemicals in homes. A number of studies have found elevated levels of formaldehyde emissions reaching high enough levels to do bodily harm. Many of these products were being sold by discount flooring retailers, and were selling laminate flooring imported from China.Is your Laminate Flooring Safe For Your Family?

These companies argue that their product is safe. Many have even offered to pay for tests conducted in home’s where the product has been installed. But the question is: do you want your family at risk?

Currently, there isn’t a formaldehyde emissions standard for laminate product. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has set standards limiting formaldehyde, and some companies are choosing to comply.

The EPA also says that homeowners shouldn’t necessarily be concerned just because they have laminate installed. Formaldehyde is present in many consumer products; the inclusion doesn’t automatically make it bad. But there are things to watch for over time.

Understand The Health Risks

Formaldehyde is included in many products, including flooring, furniture, even hair and fingernail products. Acute exposure can cause coughing, wheezing, and asthma-like symptoms. Long term exposure worsens these conditions.

Don’t Ignore Problems

If you have eye, nose or throat irritations, don’t ignore the problem. If you feel you might have been exposed to formaldehyde and it’s causing respiratory problems, avoid the area for a few days and see if they go away. When you return, if the problems come back, it’s worth pursuing.


People that work with the product regularly are more at risk than simply living in a home where it’s been installed. Laminate flooring is a hardwood plywood made by attaching a wood veneer with formaldehyde-based resin to a composite wood platform. The emissions are highest when it’s first installed. Older floors that have been worn over time are less likely to emit, and will do so at lower levels.

Buy With Care

The easiest way to avoid the problem is to select laminate through a reputable dealer. By working with us, you’re ensured of top quality manufacturers providing high quality products. Environmental health experts agree that purchasing and installing products that lower your exposure to hazards like formaldehyde, lead and asbestos are best for your health overall. Why take chances?

If you have a question about your current flooring, or in selecting a high-quality laminate for your home, we can help.