Posted by          Carpet    August 7, 2018

Thinking of bringing a new puppy into your life? Nothing can bring more fun (and disruption) than a new bundle of joy. 

Of course, your new carpet might not agree. Let’s face it; puppies and carpeting don’t mix. Puppies can quickly damage your carpet in many ways, including:How To Prevent Puppy Accidents On Your New Carpet

  • Tracking in dirt and mud everytime they enter from outside
  • Hair buildup
  • Accidents, and more accidents
  • Damage from chewing – if they can find it with their teeth, they’ll chew

How do you prevent all of that, and love your carpet and your puppy too?

Start by keeping your puppy clean

The easiest way to train a puppy is to instill daily habits. Bring out the brush once a day and brush away the loose hair. This will prevent those little fur balls from accumulating in the corners of your room and migrating down into the fibers of your carpet. 

Baths are also an important ritual. Too many can strip away needed oils in their skin. But you should bathe them enough to ensure they are as clean as possible when they roll and play on your carpet, so you don’t get that “doggy” smell into the fibers. 

Remove pet stains quickly

Accidents happen. In order to keep them from ruining your carpet, clean them up as quickly as possible. But not any household cleaner will work. We’re happy to make recommendations, or check with your carpet manufacturer; they often have specific products made for their carpet. What’s more, if you use their products, you won’t void your warranty. 

Above all, never use a product with ammonia. Dried urine produces an ammonia-like smell that will intrigue puppies, and start the process all over again. 

Use rugs

Rugs are a lot less expensive to replace than your carpeting. On high-traffic areas, consider placing a few rugs until you get your puppy trained. Use door mats by your doors to help pull away some of the dirt when they enter. You can also train them to have their feet wiped before they enter your home. Keep rags and a little water by each door to do the trick. 

What tricks have you used to keep your carpets looking new when introducing a puppy into your home?