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Ready to update your home and create an exercise room? Choosing the best floor for exercise rooms can be difficult; after all, there are a lot of decisions to make that will impact how well the flooring reacts.

Choose the wrong flooring material, and it’ll begin showing wear and tear early on. Your investment can quickly disappear if heavy equipment causes damage.

So what should you choose?Choosing Flooring For Your Exercise Room

First, assess your workout patterns
Will you be bringing in the latest equipment? Will you have a treadmill and weight lifting machines in place? Or will your home gym be a place for yoga and aerobics? Different types of workouts cause different types of stress on your floors. Your flooring should reflect the type of abuse it will receive for best results overall.

Laminate can be a good choice if you will be doing light workouts every day, such as yoga, skipping, or dance related exercise routines. Be sure laminate is sealed properly and wipe up any spills immediately to prevent warping and damage.

Rubber Vinyl Tiles
Vinyl comes in all kinds of styles, patterns, and materials. You can find rubberized tiles that have padding and give, that will help ease joint tension as you move through your routine. These flooring materials can be great additions to an exercise room where you’ll be using weights on a regular basis. Consider adding extra support if you’ll be doing CrossFit, or other rigorous exercise programs.

Foam tiles are another gym friendly option. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, and can add a bit of color to your routine. The only downside is they can dent easily, especially if heavy equipment is placed on it for any length of time.

What are your requirements for an exercise room? What look are you trying to achieve? We can help you find the perfect flooring choice for you.