Posted by          Flooring    November 23, 2016

Flooring is expensive. It’s not something you replace on a regular basis.

Yet in many cases, we see people making big mistakes almost from the moment of installation. Yes, there are easy ways to make sure your flooring has a long life. Yes, there are ways to ensure it looks as good as possible, no matter what type of flooring you install.7 Things You Should Never Do With Your Flooring

Here’s how.

Use “anything” to clean
Whether you have wood, tile or carpet installed in your home, realize that there are proper ways to clean it. Find out what is recommended by the manufacturer. Then use as gentle a product as possible to avoid buildup and destruction of your flooring. Too much water on wood can cause warping. Too many chemicals on carpets can actually leave it vulnerable to stains. Using the right products are the only way to keep your flooring looking good for years to come.

Bringing in dirt and debris
Leave your shoes at the door. This is one way to ensure you don’t track dirt and debris all over your flooring. Dirt can easily be ground into the fibers; dirt can also act like sandpaper against the grain of a wood floor.

Forgetting regular cleaning
If you have carpet, it should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dirt from settling into the fibers. If you have tile or wood floors, they should regularly be swept to avoid dirt from accumulating in cracks and crevices. Just a little bit of work each day can extend the life of your flooring by months or even years.

Pets make messes
No surprise that owning a pet means you’ll more than a few messes on your hands. An overturned water bowl can leave wood vulnerable. Dirt and debris will almost always be tracked in on a regular basis. And if you forget to trim their nails, they can do serious damage to your wood floors, or scratch vinyl or linoleum. Be consistent with cleaning up after your pet daily.

Waiting to clean spills
The longer you take to clean up a spill, the more damage it will do. Stains can penetrate fibers of carpet or soak into the grain of woods. Even grout between the tiles is a vulnerable place. Always blot instead of rub, and ensure you have a bottle for spot cleaning close at hand to remove stains immediately as they happen.

Conscious decorating
The couch you have picked out for your living room is perfect. The chairs in your dining space will be a lovely addition to your home. Ensure they add to the ambiance of your rooms without damaging the floor by placing protective pads under the legs of furniture, and verify they are in place on a regular basis.

Ignoring the pros advice
Manufacturers will tell you to hire a professional carpet cleaner on a regular basis, or have your wood floors refinished periodically. It’s a part of the regular maintenance cycle of your flooring. Doing so can extend the life of your flooring out by years. Ignoring the advice can shorten the life considerably. Maintenance always costs less than replacement. It can also add years of enjoyment of the flooring you select for your home.