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Want a carpet that will look good for years? There are a number of things to focus in on when making your final selection. In order to choose the right carpeting for durability, it must have:Choosing Carpet For Durability

A proper backing system
When choosing carpeting, look as closely at the backing as you do the carpet. Backing is the most important factor in determining durability.

There are two types of backing, hard backed and cushion backed. With hard backed carpet, the carpet fibers receive full impact of foot traffic, which damages the fibers on a quicker basis. The appearance of your carpet will also deteriorate in a shorter period of time. With a cushion backed carpeting, the carpet comes with cushion to impact some of the foot traffic, reducing fiber wear.

Cushion backing comes in both open cell and closed cell construction. Open cell cushion backing allows cushion to re-inflate after compression, protecting carpet fibers for a longer period of time. Open cell construction will provide you with the most effective shock absorption.

Color and Pattern
A dark colored carpet, or one with patterns, will naturally be more durable at hiding dirt and spills than a light colored carpet with little to no pattern. It’s important to take into account the location of your carpet when selecting the right color and pattern. In high traffic areas, selecting darker patterns will always give you more longevity.

Fiber Construction
If carpet pile is denser, packed together and has more stability from end to end, it will last longer. When you walk on carpet, the fibers bend and rub together. This causes friction, which wears away at the fibers. The closer the carpet pile is packed together, the less movement occurs. Which means less friction, less wear, and a longer lasting carpet.

Soil and Stain Resistance
Most carpeting today comes with some sort of stain or soiling protection. This means carpet has natural tendencies or is treated to repel dirt. This makes it easier to clean, easier to retain it’s original beauty. While important, remember design of your carpet is more important than stain resistance. If you build a carpet well from the beginning, it is more likely to retain its quality throughout its life.

External Factors
While carpet production is the first level of defense in creating high quality flooring, it also depends on its use. It is essential to choose a carpet style that matches the level of foot traffic expected in each area of your home. Bedrooms are different from living areas. And hallways and stairways are some of the highest abused areas of your home. While there isn’t a “one size fits all” choice that will give you everything you need, the more you know, the more durability you can anticipate.

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