Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    December 31, 2015

Having new carpet installed in your home? Nothing can freshen up a room more than new carpet.

As it’s being installed, the last thing on your mind is when you’ll need to replace it. Yet if you don’t take certain precautions from the beginning, that time may come sooner than expected.Avoiding The Hidden Costs Of Carpet Installation

Want to extend the life of your carpet for as long as possible? Keep these hidden costs in mind as you work with your carpet dealer to find the right carpet for your home.

What room are you laying carpet in? Basements are traditionally difficult rooms to control. You may be laying directly onto a concrete flooring, or have water and moisture problems at certain times of the year.

Many carpet manufacturers offer a low relative humidity rating on their standard carpets. Many conventional water based adhesives can break down in high moisture environments. If you know your room may be subjected to higher humidity levels or even occasional water spills, choose wisely before you install.

Removal and Delivery
Many homeowners automatically assume that purchasing new carpeting means they’ll also receive removal of old carpet and delivery of the new carpet as a part of the service. In some cases, both services will be charged as a fee. There is a time factor for pulling up old carpet, removing it from your home, and priming the floor for the new carpet to be installed. Naturally this process takes both time and money. Yet if you don’t ask about it at the time of purchase, this “hidden” charge can take you by surprise. Make sure you review all charges ahead of time; it’s up to you to ask.

Carpet Size
Carpeting comes in a variety of sizes, everything from small carpet tiles, to large rolls in roll widths of 12 feet, 15 feet, and 13 feet 6 inches, in order of availability. Choose the wrong size and your installer will have to cut and fit different pieces into place. Instead, ask about width before you make your final selection. Choosing a carpet that provides seamless coverage from one end of your room to the other not only makes installation easier, but will provide better wearability overall.

Good Deals
We’ve all seen them; those commercials that promise several rooms in your home carpeted for one low fee. What they don’t share with you are the hidden fees, and they will materialize quickly in the final bill. It takes time to remove old carpet. It takes resources to remove old carpet from your home. And with a wide array of manufacturers and products available, there is only one way to guarantee a low price for that “good deal” price; choose the cheapest carpet possible.

Carpeting should be your choice, your style, your needs. And let’s face it, your bedroom has different needs than your basement. When you’re ready to find the perfect new carpet for your home, get started by choosing a carpet dealer you can trust.