Posted by          Flooring    December 21, 2021

Commercial properties have undergone a lot these past two years. With many people working from home, when we head into the office, we’re noticing things we might have ignored before.

A lot of our opinions are formed in the first few seconds. Walk through a door of a commercial location, and your first impression is everything. Is the commercial flooring dull and dingy, or fresh and new? Is the decor modern and appealing? Is it warm and inviting to walk into? Or does it leave a person pulling their masks tighter across their face?

If you’ve been biding your time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to upgrade your flooring, now may be the time. While certain flooring choices can last decades with the proper care, maintenance is critical no matter what your selection.

Keep in mind that today’s technology has made flooring choices even better than before. Whether you prefer tile, wood, or carpet, there’s a flooring choice that will be perfect for your commercial application.

Reason #1: Improve aesthetics

When most people start to think of adding new flooring to their commercial space, they look at aesthetics first. Maybe the carpet is threadbare and stained. Maybe the hardwood is scuffed and dented. You notice it from the moment you enter the property, and it doesn’t leave a great impression.

Especially as tenants are changing and moving around, it’s more important than ever to have an attractive space from the moment they enter. Given that flooring is often one of the first things to leave an impression, now may be the perfect time to make the investment.

5 Reasons It’s Time To Upgrade Your Commercial FlooringIf you haven’t upgraded flooring in a while, you’ll be amazed at the technology currently in place. Today’s carpet is now more problem-free than ever, helping you create a clean and menial look, while offering warmth and soundproofing qualities at the same time. Want hardwood? There are many options for you. You can stick with classical hardwood, or try engineered hardwood. It offers you even greater impact as well as being even easier to maintain. And if you want waterproof technology, take a look at commercial grade luxury vinyl planks. It often looks so authentic, even experts have to take a second look.

No matter what choice you make, you can instantly upgrade the looks of your commercial space by upgrading your flooring. Whether you have specifics in mind, or are keeping your options open, taking a look at what’s available now will help you move forward as you bring in new tenants or employees.

Reason #2: Create a healthier environment

As a society, we’re becoming more aware of the harmful effects of indoor air quality every day.

According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution is responsible for 3.8 million deaths across the worldwide. It’s generated from a variety of activities, including cooking, smoking, use of electronic machines and consumer products, as well as from various building materials.

Depending on when your commercial property was built, and the materials inside were installed, the indoor air quality could be releasing a variety of toxic chemicals into the air supply.

Luckily, today’s manufacturers are aware of the problem. When you do your research, you’ll find many of today’s leading flooring brands create low or no VOC flooring options to help you create a healthier environment. People are becoming more aware of what they surround themselves with. If you pay attention and use healthier materials as you remodel and upgrade, it’s a point you can emphasize to new tenants or employees.

Reason #3: Cut down on cleaning costs

These past two years have taught us a thing or two about cleaning. We’re more aware of surface areas than ever before.

When you start with new flooring, it gives the impression of being clean. And when you select the right type of flooring materials, it will make every act of cleaning and sanitizing that much easier.

You may have new cleaning processes throughout your commercial space, thanks to the pandemic. If you’ve been having trouble with your current flooring taking on this new practice and looking good too, it’s time to upgrade and select one that’s better suited for your process. How clean is clean with the people who occupy your property? Medical is different from retail; it’s important to make the right choice to suit your needs.

Luckily, there is a flooring choice suitable for every situation. Come in with an open mind, and let’s find the right commercial flooring to suit your needs.

Reason #4: Upgrade your clientele

Think about your favorite stores for a moment. Are they large and inviting? Modern and intimate? Clean lines? Or filled with country charm?

That look didn’t happen by accident. Every space is created with a specific target client in mind. Consider who your current clients or tenants are. Are you trying to upgrade the target group you appeal to? One of the easiest ways to do that is by giving your space a facelift.

Start that process with new flooring. Whether you know what flooring you want, or have questions about what would be best for your commercial property, we can answer all of your questions and help you make the right choice.

Reason #5: Make the space more functional

Every commercial space has low and high traffic spaces. Each area has different needs to be met. Whether you want the same flooring throughout, or are looking for a variety of commercial flooring options to blend and work well together, we have the perfect solution for you.

Before you make a final decision, consider the use of each space you wish to add new flooring to. How much traffic does it receive during the day? How often does it get cleaned?

With those thoughts in mind, we can help you find the right commercial flooring application to suit your needs.

And give you a property people enjoy stepping into every day of the week.