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When you bought your home, curb appeal set the stage. As you drove up, you assessed the looks in a matter of seconds.

But once you said “yes” to curb appeal, your next opinion was formed based on opening the front door. Was it closed in? Did it set a dramatic stage? Was it dark and ugly? Was it wide open and inviting?

A lot of that was formed on the staircase. And while most people never list the staircase as their number one remodeling project, with just a little creativity, it can change the entire layout of your home.

The architectural details may give you your floor plan for decorating, it’s the flooring itself that transforms the room. Your choice can also make it easier or more difficult for individual family members to move about. Have small children? Pets? Elderly family members? Your final choice for your stair flooring matters.

Like every room in your home, what you install on your stairs is a personal choice. But we do have recommendations for the best flooring for stairs, depending on your needs and desires.

How to choose the best flooring for stairs

If you have a staircase in your home, it connects the different rooms together. To move from living space to bedrooms, you take the stairs. As you do laundry and clean up messes, you use the stairs. If you counted it up, your family might use them dozens of times each day.

Stair use isn’t the same as how flooring is used in a family room or bedroom. It takes more wear and tear. It’s on display more than other rooms. It also has a safety factor. That makes finding the right flooring more important than ever.

Consider maintenance

What’s The Best Flooring For Stairs?Like other rooms, you’ll have to maintain the flooring on the stairs frequently. A stain resistant carpet will ensure you don’t track things as you move from one level to another. Hardwood floors will be prone to scratching if you don’t clean up dust and debris frequently, or install a runner to help reduce it from accumulating. Laminate is often a good choice because it stands up to scratches, stains, wear, and fade-resistance better than other types of flooring.


In many cases, you’ll move up and down the stairs quickly. And with your hands full, it’s also one of the most potentially dangerous places in your home for accidents. Think about slipping as you make your final choice. Hardwood and socks can be a dangerous combination.

Noise reduction

Have you ever been in a place where it echoes as you walk across the floor? That’s the last thing you want in your home, especially if you’re trying to keep small children asleep, or you work from home. The flooring you choose can aid in how much you hear each step your family makes. Carpet is one of the first choices in flooring for noise absorption, the padding will take in the sound and muffle it well. Laminate alone can create a noisy environment. However, you can install underlayments that will help hide sound reasonably well. That often is why homeowners select laminate and match it up with their hardwood located on the first and second floors. However, if you want to keep your hardwood in place, adding a runner may be the perfect choice for your needs.


No matter what vision you hold for the stairs in your home, aesthetics is always important. Transition between the different levels should be smooth no matter what flooring choice you decide on. If you’re a wood person and you’re concerned about looks if you don’t carry it throughout your home, stop worrying. There are many ways to create a continuous look while increasing safety and comfort at the same time. Just ask – we’re here to help.

Looking at the best flooring options for your stairs

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s required to care for your stairs and keep your family safe as they move up and down, let’s look at the pros and cons of the different flooring choices.


There’s no denying that hardwood on stairs creates a timeless beauty. If you’re a fan of hardwood and have used it throughout your home, chances are you’ll want hardwood flooring on your stairs as well. Hardwood is easy to care for, easy to clean. Adding hardwood to your stairs can give you beauty as well as ease of use for years to come.

Just keep in mind that hardwood can also be dangerous with non-slip treads. If your family is most often found running around in socks, it could be a potential hazard, especially for kids and elderly. You’ll have to use runners to add more traction, or change your family’s habits and convince them to wear slippers with traction or hard-soled bottoms.

You should also keep in mind that hardwood stairs will be noisier than other options. You’ll hear every footfall, especially as you pound up and down the staircase in a hurry. You’ll also notice every creak as they appear.


For many homeowners that desire hardwood, the easiest way to reduce the downfalls is to install a runner down the middle. There are many beautiful, low cost options to adding a soft surface that will make them safer as well as cut down on the noise. What’s better, runners are easy to change out as you upgrade your decor.


If you’re stuck on the idea of hardwood to match the aesthetics of your home, but want something a little easier to care for, the solution may be to install laminate on the stairs. It’s not as long-lasting as hardwood, but it’s less expensive, which means it’s easier to replace and still stick to a budget.


There are a lot of reasons why carpet is a great choice to add to your stairs.

  • It’s budget friendly
  • It’s soft underfoot
  • It reduces the noise throughout your home
  • It’s safer, reducing slippage and the potential of falling

When you add carpet to your stairs, be sure you keep a good handheld vacuum nearby to help clean up the dust and dirt that will fall into the nooks and cracks as you go about your busy days. You should also be prepared to replace your carpet frequently to keep it looking good, especially if it’s creating a grand entrance from the moment you walk in. Be sure to discuss this with one of our associates, and we can show you the most durable materials for stair use.

Create a stunning look by selecting the right flooring for your stairs

Your stairs are one of the most important, high traffic surfaces in your home.

If you want good looks as well as high functioning materials, stop by today and let us help you create your desired look. We have the perfect solutions for your staircases just waiting for you.

Create the look you’ll love for years to come today.