Posted by          Flooring    June 9, 2018

Does it feel like there’s a lot more summer than winter across the Front Range these days? Are you looking for ways to stay cool as the temperatures rise? Instead of looking up for a ceiling fan, maybe it’s time to look down and replace your flooring instead. 

Stone, tile, and wood all have a way of feeling cool underneath your feet. These dense materials reflect heat, allowing it to bounce off and dissipate back into the air. Carpeting and rugs insulate, meaning they hold heat better in their fibers. This is why plush carpeting feels good on your feet on a cold winter morning. Pockets of heat are trapped within the fiber.  Want New Flooring To Cool Down In Summertime?

Stone, tile, and wood have no place for heat to hide. That’s why it’s a colder material to walk on, especially with bare feet. That’s why you’ll find your pets laying belly down to the ground on a hot summer day. It feels cool!

Of course, that’s not the only way you can make your home a little cooler as the temperatures climb up and up. Color plays an important role too. How you perceive your surroundings can sometimes help change how hot you feel. Bright red or orange screams heat. Sea greens and blues, or a gray-blue slate help you think cool. Just walking into a room that’s built around a cooler color helps your mind stay calm. 

You can also use tiles to convey cooler temperatures in other ways. 

How about a glass backsplash using cool colors as part of your decor? Glass tiles work well in both the kitchen and the bathroom. And if you use a color that contrasts your floors, you can play even more into creating a look that will cool you down. 

Sold on installing a floor perfect for the summer heat waves that are quickly coming our way? Nervous about how your flooring will make you feel when a cold snap heads our way?

Stone, tile, and wood also an advantage of being installed over radiant heating. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy the cool feeling in the summertime, while being able to heat your home with this effective and efficient technology when the first snowflakes start to fly. 

Are you ready to install new flooring to help you stay cool this summer? Stop by and let us show you all the ways you can do that … beautifully.