Posted by          Flooring, Vinyl Floors    November 7, 2015

Ready to give your home hardwood floors throughout?

Not so fast.

While Coloradans love hardwood flooring, your holdback may be with performance. If you’ve ever had hardwoods warp because of too much water and humidity in the kitchen, bathroom or entryways, should you really try it again?Vinyl or laminate which is best for you

There is an alternative to using hardwood flooring. You can still have the same look and feel, but without the risks.

Vinyl, especially vinyl plank flooring, and laminate flooring are both widely touted as durable, economical, and easy to install, easy to maintain. And both can be great additions to your home. But which one is the best for you?

Vinyl flooring has been around for decades. And because of that, many associate it with the look and feel of past generations. Yet with new technology and the introduction of better looking flooring, vinyl flooring can be the workhorse in any room in your home. Now vinyl comes in plank shapes that mimics real wood. It has “click” qualities that allows you to snap boards together for the same look and feel of real wood.

Laminate flooring has also undergone significant changes throughout the past few years. By using stronger technology, more insulating qualities, and real look and feel, laminate gives the ability to have wood look throughout your home, with the ease of being able to install it yourself.

What to choose in the bathroom?

The deciding factor in the bathroom is water. If you have kids that like to play in the sink or tub, if you have a lot of action from family and guests, if you want easy to maintain flooring that you don’t have to worry about, vinyl is the choice for you. Vinyl beats laminate hands down in high water, high moisture situations.

What to choose in the kitchen?

No one knows your kitchen like you do. While you don’t expect water to frequently pool on the floor, the kitchen can be subjected to water around the sink and dishwasher. If you have a history of spills and messes, vinyl may be the way to go. If you’ve always maintained a neat and orderly kitchen, laminate may suit your needs just fine.

Which one offers the best pricing?

When it comes to cost, vinyl planks and laminate are fairly equal. You can find both vinyl and laminate in a wide range of costs, everything from budget friendly and affordable all the way to luxury styles.

Which is the easiest to install?

Traditional vinyl in large rolls can be difficult for a homeowner to handle, and cut and lay into place. But today’s vinyl comes in plank format to resemble real wood. It’s even easier to lay than vinyl tiles because there are fewer of them to lay in place.

Laminate requires a foam moisture underlayment that can be quickly rolled out and taped into place. Some laminate comes with underlayment already pre-attached to the back. While laminate is easy to lay into place, you will have to cut pieces with a saw in order to customize. But all in all, both are easy enough for the DIYer to bring into their homes.

Looking for resale value?

Depending on your home’s value and neighborhood, people may perceive vinyl and laminate in different ways. Buyers look for ease in the bathroom and may welcome vinyl planks for their ability to withstand daily activity while looking good in the process. However, laminate is a close substitute for hardwood flooring, and as such holds a moderately good value for buyers looking for modern style.

What’s the best choice for you? Stop by today and compare the differences.