Posted by          Flooring    April 9, 2017

Your flooring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to redecorating your home. While it’s relatively easy to paint a new color or install a new curtain, your flooring is something that will be a part of your decor for many years to come. You don’t want a haphazard look.

The link between flooring choices is to focus in on color. If your home’s color palette remains the same throughout, you’ll have an easier time making your final flooring selections. Obey the “rule of three”, which means you should only see up to three different types of flooring from any one point in your home. Using Different Flooring Throughout Your HomeVariances in color choices should depend on the location of your rooms and the number of levels in your home. Your foyer should start the theme. Select a tile, stone, slate, wood or mosaic to mark the entry point, then use this color theme to blend from this point forward. If your house is small and on one level, laying one color and type will visually expand the living space.

Off the foyer, the living spaces can be sculpted carpet hardwood, cork, bamboo, tile or stone. The key is to match the color of the floor in the entryway as it flows from one to another. Ensure that it blends throughout.

Dining rooms should be practical; tile, stone or hardwood works best. With constant movement of chairs, and the possibility of stains from food and liquid that accidentally drop to the floor, durability is key.

Family areas will see your highest levels of traffic. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms. While you may opt for carpeting in family rooms, all other high traffic areas are better suited for stone, wood, tile or laminate. Error on the side of a darker color to avoid stains and footwear. You should also be aware that water overflows can cause warping. Be diligent about cleaning up messes right away.

Bedrooms are a place where you can be the most creative, focusing in on softness over durability. Select a color that blends with every decor, especially as kids grow from toddlers into teens, and have changing abilities and habits.