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When you install new carpet in your home, it can reasonably last a decade or longer.

If you install it today, will you still love it ten years from now? Or will the color appear trendy, and the style be long gone?

When we invest our hard-earned money in decor, we want it to last as long as possible. More than that, we hope we’ll love it as much at the end-life as we did when we first picked it out.

That’s a lot to ask for any product. But it’s your dollars at work. How do you ensure you select carpet that will always be in style?

Fall in love with carpet – make it the right choice

One of the first things we do with new customers is to find out a little about their lifestyle. What are they looking for in flooring? Is carpet the best choice?

If you’ve had another flooring choice in mind and are settling for carpet, you may be disappointed with the results. But if you lean towards carpet because it’s something you really want, that’s where you’ll find a product you love.

Select Carpet That Will Always Be In Style

Carpet Samples

Carpet works well in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and entertainment spaces where you spend a lot of time as a family, and want warmth, comfort, and sound absorption as one of the qualities. Imagine movie night as a couple; carpet helps muffle the sound from surrounding areas, keeping the noise away from kids’ bedrooms.

Carpet isn’t designed for high-traffic situations. You wouldn’t want to place it in entryways, bathrooms, or kitchens. Carpet has a tendency to mold and mildew when exposed to moisture. Humidity from daily showers, or constant spills in a kitchen would wear down carpet long before its time.

What room are you considering? Is carpet the best choice?

Modern carpet styles

When most homeowners settle on installing carpet in their homes, they usually have a desire for one of two options.

Wall-to-wall carpet allows you to add carpet to completely cover a room. You’ll feel the warmth as it covers the subfloor completely, adding an extra layer of insulation.

Area rugs also offer warmth and protection, without being a permanent addition to your aesthetics.

Here in Colorado, carpet is often chosen to add warmth, mitigate noise, and help lower utility bills in the winter. If you’ve ever stepped out on a cold floor on a winter morning, you’ll appreciate the aesthetics of what carpet provides.

Step into a flooring showroom, and you’ll discover popular colors, patterns, and styles. If it’s currently available, it’s in style.

But the question might be: How long do you want it in style? Are you planning on selling your home in the future?

Bring your answers in when you finalize your selection. We can use it to guide you to the right selection.

As flooring experts, we often recommend a few tips to ensure it stays in style for years to come:

  • Select mid to short pile carpeting. This always stays in style, and will never become the “shag” carpet of tomorrow.
  • Choose neutral colors. If you look back over time, you’ll find neutrals never go out of style. If you think of colors like oranges and greens, you can date them back to specific decades. Beiges, tans, and other neutral colors will be just as classic in ten years as they are today.
  • Stick with subtle patterns with low contrast. If you want a pop of color or anything more complex, do it with accessories that are easier to change out.

Getting down to the most important carpet choices

What makes a carpet classic, gives it longevity, and ensures it never goes out of style? Many homeowners would tell you it’s carpeting that continues to maintain its quality year after year.

That doesn’t come from color, patterns, or plushness. Instead, it comes from selecting a carpet that will wear well year after year.

Natural fibers will always be in style. Wool tops the list of natural fibers, and is known for its wearability. It holds dye well, and cleans up easily. If you’re trying to be a little more eco-friendly with your purchases, wool is the way to go. Many homeowners are moving towards wool carpet because of its warmth and durability. While it has one of the longest longevity marks in the carpet industry, it may pile occasionally – think of your favorite wool sweater.

Synthetic fibers are created in a lab, and offer you a variety of benefits. Acrylic replicates wool, and resists stains and sun bleaching. Nylon is one of the most popular because it resists stains and static electricity. Polyester is another popular choice that handles well in direct sunlight. Olefin is a great choice in high traffic situations.

With longevity in mind, it’s also wise to go beyond the carpet you select. Padding is primarily meant to give your carpet the support it needs as you live on it. It adds protection to everything you do. From walking to enduring all your home environment can dish out, it’s the padding that sets the stage for how well it will perform overall.

Is it time for you to fall in love with carpet again? 

Congratulations! You’re remodeling your home. You’re leaning towards carpet, and you’re wondering if it will always be in style.

Keeping up with the latest furnishing trends can be an exhausting job. Home improvement stores are designed to push what’s the latest trend. In order to do that, they have to select something new every year.

But if you watch the design sites, or take in your favorite show on the home network, you’ll discover what they continue to show over time are trends that you can live with.

Neutral will never go out of style. Neither will classic good looks.

If it’s an appealing color to you, something you look at repeatedly, there’s a good sign you’ll be in love with it tomorrow, and continue to love it for years to come.

Wall-to-wall carpet will never go out of style. Neither will quality. Err on the side of selecting high-quality, and it’ll never lose its appeal.

Whatever choice you fall in love with today, you’ll be in love with it tomorrow too.

How can we help you finalize your selection?