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Flooring isn’t something a lot of us think about on a regular basis. If you have carpeting throughout your home, you vacuum it. You may also occasionally have it professionally cleaned. But outside of that, it’s probably something you take for granted.

However, to keep your carpet in top condition and ensure a long life, it’s important to keep records for future use. Should your carpet have a problem, these records will be invaluable to ensuring success in finding a solution. It doesn’t take much, but in your records keeping system, make sure you keep the following information:Prepare For Carpet Care When You Buy

Carpet Manufacturer
Manufacturers stand behind their products. However, carpets don’t come with labels that tell you who the manufacturer is. Some carpet warranties may be valid for years after purchase. Should you encounter problems, being able to connect directly with your manufacturer can eliminate time and guesswork. Additional, manufacturers are there to help answer any questions you may have involving cleaning recommendations, warranties, and other useful information.

Carpet Style Name, Number, and Color
It’s important to know all of the details on the final carpet choice installed. This included the carpet manufacturer style name, number, and color number. Some carpet retailers change these numbers based on their own bookkeeping requirements, so it’s important for you to have access to both.

Carpet Reference Number and Date
It is a good idea to keep the original invoice for the carpet retailer on hand. This can give you access to the date it was installed, which sometimes can help a manufacturer identify the lot and actual carpet style name and number. This invoice acts as the initiation date for many warranties and is often required to prove purchase.

Carpet Installer
Depending on your purchase, your installer may or may not be linked to the carpet retailer. While the retailer is responsible for the quality of work subcontracted, it is recommended that you know the carpet installers name should you need routine repairs.

Carpet Pad
Some performance warranties may require specific carpet pad type or maximum thickness for validity. Keep this with your invoice to ensure you meet all requirements.

Carpet Warranty
At the time of purchase, you should receive printed materials for the carpet warranty outlined by the retailer. If any promise or implied warranty is stated by the retailer, ensure you have a copy with the invoice. Be sure to read the hard copy before you install to ensure you understand the finer points of the warranty.

Carpet Care
Most warranties are only valid if you provide proper care. Some carpet manufacturers require proof of regular carpet cleaning as a part of their warranty. It’s helpful if you have this information to keep you on track with your maintenance process.