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“I have a small single family home close to the Tech Center that I’ve rented out for years to singles and couples. Our average renter is professional and makes a good income, and they want to stay close to work as well as be close to the city. It has a lot of great benefits, but it has been a little more difficult to rent lately with all the new apartments and condos going up all over town. I’m thinking of replacing the carpeting with laminate; is that a good idea in a rental property?”

In your question, you provided a lot of the answer yourself.Does It Make Sense To Replace Carpeting With Laminate In A Rental Property?

  • You rent to singles and couples, which means they are probably not as hard on the flooring as a family would be since they are probably out working and enjoying time with friends more.
  • They’re professional; again, that means they tend to be in work mode a lot of their time.
  • And because there are a lot of new apartments being built all over town, it also means you have more competition when it comes time for them to find a new home.

So, does it make sense to replace carpeting with laminate in your rental property? The answer is yes.

Laminate is a great choice because its easier to maintain and it doesn’t get dirty as quickly as carpeting. And because laminate is easier to maintain, it can take more abuse than traditional hardwood flooring, while still giving the same beauty and aesthetic look and feel that people expect from hardwoods.

You mentioned that you have a small single family home. Laminate can work throughout the home, or you can soften the look by adding carpeting in lower traffic rooms, such as the bedrooms. Carpeting provides a level of insulation that will reduce noise as well as make the room warmer – a good thing when the temperature dips below zero.

Either way, ultimately it boils down to preferences. You know your average renters the best. If you consistently hear them making comments about the flooring, wishing for wood instead, it may be time to install laminate. It’s a great decision; one I’m sure you’ll love in the long run.