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“I just bought a house, and want to replace the flooring on the main level. I love wood, but I know I can’t afford it in my current budget. I’ve been contemplating laminate flooring, but don’t know much about it. Will it give me the look and functionality of wood flooring? How long will laminate flooring last? Is it a great choice for main floor living space?”

Moving into a new-to-you house is an exciting endeavor. While you can take advantage of a lot of the upgrades owners have made before you, it also gives you room to play and put your own mark on your home. And while a lot of older homes still use other flooring products such as carpeting and vinyl, a lot of Colorado homeowners want the look of wood. And today’s laminate gives you options to have the real wood look, with lots of other benefits.

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last
How Long Will Laminate Flooring Last

First of all, laminate flooring is more budget friendly than its real wood counterpart – you’ve probably noticed that if you’ve looked at all. Laminate flooring consists of several thin layers of material pressed together, along with a printed paper layer that gives it the look of wood, followed to a protective clear coat that seals the look together and gives it its strength.

Average lifespan of laminate

The average life span for laminate flooring is anywhere between 15 and 25 years, but of course can vary from 10 to 30 years depending on use and traffic. The difference also depends on:

  1. Quality of flooring
  2. Maintenance routine
  3. Proper installation
  4. Amount of foot traffic

Don’t use the wrong chemicals to clean you laminate

You can also affect your flooring by using the wrong types of chemical cleaners, or if you don’t wipe up spills immediately, allowing them to penetrate into the backing itself.

Laminate provides you with one useful life; it can’t be sanded and refinished again and again like a hardwood floor can. Once the top layer wears away, laminate must be replaced.

A few pros; a few cons. But overall, if you are looking for a beautiful flooring option with a budget friendly price tag, and want it to provide easy wearability throughout its life, you can’t go wrong with laminate. Its used all across homes in the Denver Metro area, and most would agree it was the perfect choice.

Is it the right choice for you?

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