Posted by          Flooring    August 8, 2015

Laminate flooring is one of the most durable products on the market; no wonder it’s used so much in homes throughout the Denver Metro area.

When it comes to installing such a durable product in your home, it’s only natural to assume that you will have many years of enjoyment. Not only should it look great, but it should be easy to maintain and hold up over time as well. But what if the laminate flooring you choose doesn’t go as predicted? What if problems arise almost immediately?What Laminate Floor Warranties Cover

That’s where a solid laminate floor warranty comes into play.

Laminate floor warranties come in a variety of formats, with a variety of lengths in place. What you should look for are guarantees to ensure:

  • It will not have manufacturer defects
  • It will not warp, buckle or crack under correct use
  • It will not wear through to the decorative design surface
  • It will not fade

It is important to follow the manufacturers installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure nothing stands between you and the warranty. Don’t get caught ignoring the fine print, because even the smallest of things can nullify your warranty from the moment you install it. Which means if you damage your flooring at any time, you will not be covered and will have to correct or replace the problem on your own.

Some examples of problems that may nullify the warranty include:

  • Materials damaged in transit to your home
  • Materials not installed according to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Poor workmanship
  • Not allowing the floor to acclimate before installation
  • Not installing on an even, clean, properly maintained surface
  • Not using proper underlay
  • Not using proper expansion spacers to allow for the floor to contract and expand

You can also nullify the warranty by not properly maintaining your laminate flooring once it’s installed:

  • Using bleach or abrasive cleaners
  • Using wax or polish
  • Damage caused by pet urine
  • Water damage from standing water or excessive water from mopping
  • Using the wrong cleaning product

If you need to make a claim, it’s important that you keep all documentation and follow the instructions to help back your claim. Keep your receipt, warranty information, contractor’s invoice, even photographic proof will help you get the information you need into the hands that can start the process immediately.

Start by thoroughly understanding your warranty before you make your final selection. Follow the rules, and enjoy your laminate flooring for many years to come.