Posted by          Area Rugs, Flooring    January 10, 2017

Do you like switching out your rugs for a fresh look in your décor? Do you have several rugs you rotate to prevent too much wear? It’s important to properly store your rugs to ensure a long life; to ensure they stay in top appearance throughout their lives.How To Properly Store Rugs

The best location for storage of your rugs would be a room that is cool, dry, and where they are blocked from natural light. While it is possible to adapt many spaces in the house for rug storage, avoid using attics and basements, which are usually without climate control and suffer the largest swings in temperature and relative humidity.

When storing a rug, it’s best to roll it. Never fold a rug for either short or long term storage. Folding can cause permanent creases to form and ruin your rug.

It is generally best to roll a rug with the pile facing in, since it is not as strong as the foundation. Lay the rug face up with the pile going away from you. Then roll, keeping the rug as straight as possible while you roll. To help keep it straight, use a rod or wooden dowel, or one that is specifically used for rugs.

To ensure the roll is straight, consider using a piece of cotton or muslin material cut the width of the rug. Wrap the muslin over both edges of the rug. This allows you to get a secure roll onto your rod before rolling your rug, and allows you to get a tight roll at both ends to protect against insects and dirt. When the roll is complete, secure the roll with cotton or polyester tape.

Living in a climate where humidity is low can damage your rugs. Consider raising the level of humidity slightly with a humidifier.

Also, ensure your rugs do not receive sunlight. Block with shades or blinds to ensure your rug won’t fade over time.

Also, avoid storing rugs directly on the floor. Carpet beetles, in particular, like to take up residence between the back of your rug and the floor, and can do serious harm to your rugs in a very short period of time. Because most moth or carpet beetle infestations occur in improperly stored rugs, it’s a good idea to check your storage area periodically to ensure your rugs remain in good condition. If you have more than one rug stored in a single location, choose one randomly once per month to check. If there is no evidence of infestation, you’re probably safe.

Are you storing your rugs properly?