Posted by          Flooring    October 5, 2017

We all have the best of intentions to eat better and exercise more. Sometimes your best motivator isn’t a gym membership, but instead is having the gym right there in your home.

Home gyms can be a perfect addition to your home if you want privacy and solitude while working out. They can be cheaper in the long run once your initial investment for equipment is in place. And it doesn’t take much to give you everything you need: a weight bench, a treadmill, a stationary bike and an exercise ball may be all you need.Flooring Ideas For Your Home Gym

But there are other factors too. Safety is important to ensure you stay safe while using the equipment. And an important aspect of that is in the flooring. There are numerous things to consider when selecting the flooring for your home gym: the kind of heavy equipment you are installing, where the gym will be in your home, and what kind of exercises you plan to perform in the space.

Gym flooring should have a lot of different characteristics: durability, strength, low maintenance, comfort, noise reduction are just a few to keep in mind.


Carpet may be your least expensive option. It’s also one of the most popular. Select commercial grade carpet tiles as they are durable and easy to install. They also give you the option of replacing tiles on an as needed basis.


Rubber is the most common gym flooring in commercial gyms. It is water resistant, easy to maintain, and can withstand the weight of most gym equipment. Rubber is very heavy to work with and requires professional installation.


Vinyl comes in lots of formats, including flexible, interlockable tiles that are easy to install. There are many styles, patterns, colors and options to help you make your home gym as unique as your home. Vinyl is capable of handling cardio rigor, but if you are doing a lot of weight training, keep in mind that the constant friction can damage vinyl.


Cork is also emerging as a popular gym choice. It is hypoallergenic and is easy to maintain. It can bear the impact of moderately heavy objects with ease. Like vinyl, it cannot take heavy equipment or rigorous lifting and movement.

Utility Grade Wood

Utility grade wood handles weight extremely well. However, keep in mind that if you drop heavy weights on it, it may splinter or crack. It can work quite well with heavy machinery that remains stationary, but think twice if weightlifting is a part of your routine.

What’s the right flooring for your home gym? Let one of our associates help you select the right flooring for your room.