Posted by          Flooring    April 4, 2015

For some, home is a place to unwind and relax.

For others, home can be a dangerous place.

If you have allergies, asthma, or any of the many other diseases that affect your respiratory system, home can be a dangerous place if its not clean and bacteria free. According to a nationwide survey, over half of all Americans test positive for at least some allergens, and many are of the indoor variety, such as dust, mold and pet dander.Flooring Choices That Are Antimicrobial and Antibacterial

For many people, when they think of making their home a cleaner, more breathable place to be, the first place they turn is downward to the floor, and with good reason. Your flooring is one area you can control potential from the moment of installation.

If you are looking at new flooring choices, determining which will offer you the highest levels of antimicrobial and antibacterial materials on the market today, there are many options available right now.

Leading the way is cork flooring. Unlike carpet, cork tends to repel dust, hair, dirt and dander from its surface. Cork is easier to get completely clean, and because of this it tends to promote a higher indoor air quality.

Cork also has a waxy substance called suberin. This material has the property of naturally repelling small vermin and insects. This makes cork floors more resistant to growth and colonization of these organisms, and can help promote a more healthy environment.

Cork has many other benefits that may help push it forward on your checklist. Because cork is a natural, recurring material, its one of the greenest flooring choices on the market today. Because it creates a soft surface, it can insulate and provide cushion in the rooms where you need it most. They make great choices for rooms frequently inhibited by children or the elderly because of their give. They are also easy to maintain, and when installed correctly, require a minor amount of work each week to keep them looking their best.

Next in line is vinyl flooring. While vinyl floors offer superb protection against potential bacteria, it is important to make the right choice with vinyl. When shopping and making your final selection, make sure you do your research and talk with a flooring consultant about environmentally safe vinyls. Some vinyls can produce off-gassing, which has the ability to make sensitive family members even sicker. If you choose vinyl with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, they will be more environmentally sound, and create a great barrier in your home that is both easy to clean and safe from the things that can impact your health the most.

Likewise, vinyl flooring comes in many styles and colors, and like cork, can provide a softer, more insulated flooring choice that makes it good for both kids and the elderly. With many of today’s luxury vinyl choices, you can create any look you are trying to achieve – why not choose a wood, tile or stone pattern? Vinyl is only limited by your imagination, proving once and for all that style, health and safety can all move hand in hand throughout your home.

Have any other questions about choosing the right antimicrobial and antibacterial flooring option for your home? We’d be happy to answer your questions and show you your options. Give us a call today.