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how to fix frayed carpet

“We recently bought a house in a neighborhood we love. The carpet is in pretty good shape and we weren’t planning on replacing it just yet, but we do have one problem. The carpet transitions into tile at one of the bathrooms and it’s fraying. Is there anything I can do? Is this a DIY project, or do I need to hire someone?”

As with any home improvement project, the quicker you are at fixing the problem, the more likely you will be at repairing it completely without a noticeable change. If the carpet is just starting to fray, its important to fix the exposed edge before the wear continues into the carpet. If damage extends more than an inch or so away from the threshold, the repair will be more noticeable.

How To Fix Frayed Carpet Transitions

Here, you will find step by step instructions for properly identifying and repairing a frayed carpet transition. As always, we at Pro Flooring are here to help should you wish to hire a professional for the job.

Step 1. Remove the threshold

Start by removing the metal threshold along the entire length separating the carpet and your bathroom floor. Be careful during the removal process to not damage the carpeting any further. You will be replacing the metal threshold, so don’t worry about wrecking it. Use pliers or a screwdriver to bend the lip up along the entire length, then carefully bend it up and remove from the teeth inside the threshold.

Step 2. Take Measurements

Take a measurement of the opening area to cut a new threshold to install. Don’t use the old threshold as measurement, as that may be bent and kinked from wear and tear. You can use a hacksaw or a metal snips to cut the new threshold for replacement.

Thresholds come in a variety of widths, so it’s important to get one wide enough to help eliminate the problem with carpet fraying. Be sure to measure both length and width when choosing a new threshold.

Step 3. Trim off frayed damage and replace threshold

If the carpet is in good shape, you can replace the new threshold where the old one was. If the carpet is frayed, you will need to trim off the damage using a carpet knife and a straightedge. Then position the new threshold farther towards the carpeting to compensate for the part trimmed off. In most cases you can move the threshold about an inch or so in order to compensate for the damage.

If you’re working on a wood subfloor, attach the replacement threshold with drywall nails. If you are working with a concrete subfloor, a heavy duty adhesive will need to be applied and given time to dry.

Step 4. Reattach carpet to new threshold

Then reattach the carpet to the new threshold. Starting at one end, use a knee kicker to stretch the carpet toward the threshold. Kick firmly by not with all your strength or you may rip the carpet. Force the carpet into the threshold teeth with a stiff putty knife. Continue moving the kicker down the length of the threshold to put the entire length of carpet into place. When you’re done, tuck any loose ends under the baseboards, and pound the threshold into place with a rubber mallet.

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