Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    January 10, 2016

Looking to create the perfect master retreat? Why not start the process by creating the perfect shower?

Creating The Perfect Shower With TileNo bathroom renovation is complete without an overhaul of the shower. And today, showers aren’t just about simplicity and a quick way to shower off. Instead, they range from simple elegance to over-the-top options that can leave you with a spa-like feeling anytime you choose.

And while you can dress up your shower with fixtures and décor, it’s the tile that will set the stage. You can select from many materials, sizes and finishes to coordinate your final look. Stay traditional, or move towards the trendy.

Subway Tile
Think bathroom tile, think classic 4×4 square tiles. For many people, that’s the case. But with so many options, consider moving to a different size to add personality to your personal space. Try a 3×6 subway tile in glazed white with a contrasting color to add a spark. While these tiles tend to bring out a traditional look and feel, when combined with other options can create a thoroughly modern look. For instance, use in conjunction with mosaic, stones or glass tile for color and appeal.

Glass Tile
Glass tiles have taken on a life of their own in recent years. From small, transparent mosaics or larger, shimmery tiles, you’ll find many options to match your décor. Glass tile is usually suitable for walls, trim, back-splash areas and as accent tile. Use it dress up shelving in your shower, frame your fixtures, or simply accent the overall look and design. The small multicolored mosaic tile patterns provide both textural and visual interest to any area of your bathroom. While many think square or rectangular tiles when considering glass, move towards newer, more vibrant sizes like glass pebbles for an interest addition to your design.

Natural Stone Tile
Nothing says elegance more than natural stone tile. And when considering it for a bathroom shower, there are many different possibilities. Natural stone tiles come in many sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Go with a light natural undertone, or select a darker, dramatic style that will add to your contemporary design. Whether you choose porcelain tile that looks like stone, or move to natural stone tiles and slabs, the varied shades of color will add a soothing natural touch to your space.

Updating your bathroom shower this year? Select shower tile to create ambiance, and start the process today by seeing all of the options we have for you. Stop by today.